Broad support for the schutzen of untersteinach

broad support for the schutzen of untersteinach

The hall is free of charge, the groups of the untersteinach brass band and the choral society play for free. Also "frankensima philipp simon goletz contributes to the amusing and successful evening – with his typical frolics, which are sometimes also a bit cheeky.

Inge winkler, chairman of the untersteinach guardians, beams all over her face as she looks out at the crowds of visitors. "They are all here because of us, if that is not a reason to rejoice. I am really overwhelmed." Her guardians take care of drinks, serve champagne during the break and have provided 150 salmon sandwiches, kasestangen and lye pretzels. In the twinkling of an eye everything was gone. "Of course, people can still donate afterwards", hopes winkler and is happy about the huge resonance.

The owners have long since decided that the clubhouse should be rebuilt – on the exact floor slab that remained of the old building after the devastating fire. Internally, the plans have already been discussed in detail. Further modifications have now been made, and the new drafts will be presented to the bavarian sports protection association as early as next week. Chairman winkler and the members hope that the permits will be issued quickly.

They would have liked to start work on the new building this spring and move in before the end of the year.
Although the training takes place regularly and the guards are in good standing, the community suffers somewhat. "The pistol team is currently in third place", inge winkler is proud of the active. And the first team can definitely stay in the district league. "Of course it took until everyone got used to the spare rifles. But we fight and continue", so inge winkler.

The benefit concert gives everyone the courage to continue working on the construction of the clubhouse and to get involved. The various musical groups put in a great effort – with success: the visitors experience an entertaining, colorful program with a multivision show for every taste.

The youth orchestra of the untersteinach brass band sings modern tunes like "over the rainbow" under the direction of lothar huber, "I will always love you, "winnetou& old shatterhand" or "don’t cry for me argentina" to. The youth orchestra is at its best when performing the compulsory piece for which it has already won an award: "chantueri turns out to be a magnificent performance with a brilliant allegro and an almost meditative, dark andante. But in the end the two main themes shine through again musically – happy ending.

The somewhat older and more experienced members of the brass band give a taste of their skills as P(r)ostmusikanten and inspire with traditional brass music and bohemian wisdom.

The local singing club is also taking part in the benefit concert – with its mixed choir and the manner choir. "Let’s travel happily in a stern" and "the little cat have chosen the sangers. But they also tell about "cousin michel and from afar.

The manner choir inspires with sonorous voices during a seaside song, with "farewell& adieu" and with the wisdom of the russian lover "jaschka". At the little winemaker heiner beyer intones the solo.
For the verbal rooting philipp simon goletz is responsible. He brought witty frankenlieder with him and unbelievable ideas that left no eye dry. And then there is the "national anthem" of a small village known for its beauty: "kumpfersdorf – pressogg und laabla, dort gibt’s scheena maadla" (kumpfersdorf – pressogg and laabla, there is scheena maadla), the sima comments and suggests that gumperdorf be declared a protected area – a saxon-free zone.

In the end, all the friends of the schutzen have experienced a very amusing event. The members around inge winkler were particularly pleased that they had shown themselves to be very generous that evening.

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