Four french hospitals are top

Four French hospitals are top

To be counted among germany's 100 best clinics is something to be proud of. This is also true of those responsible for the bamberg hospital. The hospital in upper franconia was the only one in the government district to be ranked among the best hospitals in the latest hospital ranking by focus magazine. Belongs to the nationwide three percent that have earned the seal "top national hospital" neat mayfen.

Last year's ranking was 91st, but the latest assessment shows that the company has even managed to work its way up to 60th place. Whereby hospital director xaver frauenknecht emphasized in particular the fact that great efforts are made in bamberg to achieve good interdisciplinary cooperation for the benefit of the patients.

However, nothing would be possible without the good performance of the approximately 370 medical staff and the 1,300 nurses. All this was of course included in the assessment. For example, the fact that in bamberg, predominantly only three-year registered nurses are used. Andreas schneider, who is responsible for the nursing staff, points out that the hospital has 145 training positions in the nursing field. The junior staff for his own needs and those of other clinics were trained with great care, and the exam results were clear proof of the good quality of the training.

Good opportunities for further education
No different in the medical field. There are good opportunities for further training for the next generation of physicians, and in the area of senior physicians, at the level of senior and chief physicians, great importance is attached to teamwork. In the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the therapy of depression and radiation therapy, the hospital is even among the best 20 clinics in germany.

At present, the bamberg hospital has 1031 beds. 44,000 patients are treated as inpatients every year.

It's clear that a care hospital like bamberg can't pass university hospitals in the rankings. They still represent the king's class in terms of equipment alone. Thus, the wurzburg university hospital ended up in 9th place in the ranking, closely followed by the erlangen university hospital in 11th place. In addition to bamberg, the nurnberg clinical center is also listed in the top 100 at rank 39.

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