Hairdressing salon in marktschorgast takes new approach to training

Hairdressing salon in marktschorgast takes new approach to training

Dorothea, sophia and aleyna sit confidently in styling chairs in the salon. The three young women laugh and talk, with an enthusiastic twinkle in their eyes.

They talk about their last block lesson, where they learned something about how to advise customers properly. "It is important that the clients speak more than the hairdressers do. And you can’t ask manipulative questions, because then the customer answers what the hairdresser wants to hear," says doris ortlieb of the hairdressers’ association, tells aleyna.

Since august you are in training with annette kurz-mahringer. In their two salons in marktschorgast and bayreuth, they are trained according to the concept of la biosthetique and the societe francaise de biosthetique deutschland e.V. Trained. This is the largest private hairdresser and cosmetics association in germany with approx. 1 600 salon companies.

"The trainees at my salon are trained as hair&dressers beauty artist according to the concept of la biosthetique", says annette kurz-mahringer. In addition to the classic hairdresser training, there is the additional qualification of hair& beauty artist. "We learn the latest make up trends, cosmetics and manicure", explains sophie.

"The training lasts three years just like the classic training. The only thing is that the level is higher, because the additional qualification also has to be integrated into the regular lessons", explains annette kurz-mahringer. The young women complete their block courses at the private school of la biosthetique in darmstadt, germany. Twelve weeks of instruction every year.

"Eight hours a day we have school, which is naturally exhausting, but the teachers always give us a good alternation of theory and practical content. This is how we learned hand massage last time in between all the theory. This is then a nice change", tells dorothea.

"We want self-confident, motivated young people who are passionate about their craft, and the next generation is particularly important to me. And in this day and age, we have to offer applicants something special so that they will choose us, says annette kurz-mahringer.

This is also the opinion of the employment agency in bayreuth. "If training companies pursue new approaches and supplement classic training with special additional qualifications or services, this is certainly a way to make the company attractive for young talent or to address certain target groups," says dorothea, says press spokeswoman evelyn kannhauser.

At the beginning of the year, annette kurz-mahringer decided to join the la biosthetique salons: "the concept of the apprenticeship totally convinced me and fits very well to our company." Dorothea, sophia and aleyna are now the first in their salon to be trained according to this concept.

"La biosthetique has developed a new concept for its customers with the hair & beauty artist beauty artist has developed an additional qualification that reflects the philosophy of these salons", says doris ortlieb from the state guild of the bavarian hairdressing trade. "La biosthetique has thus succeeded in designing the training in the interest of its customers without coming into conflict with the legal requirements of the vocational training law. In the past, alternative training concepts in the hair cosmetics industry have regularly failed due to the legal framework."

Michaela heimpel from the upper franconia chamber of handicrafts says: "the concept is an additional component in the training and further education of hairdressers. There are several private initiatives, mostly from major hair care product manufacturers, that go in similar directions with qualifications. It should be noted, however, that mostly – as is also the case with the concept of the societe francaise de biosthetique germany e.V is – not every salon can participate and this private initiative naturally also costs separately."

The costs for the private school are borne by the training company. Annette kurz-mahringer invests in her trainees so they stay with her after their training and learn a lot. "The training at the school in darmstadt is simply super. We have so much spab there and have a lot of practice as well as theory. I never thought I would have so much fun at school", says 16 year old dorothea laughing.

The practical training during the school phase means that the trainees can put their skills into practice straight away when they return to the salon. And much earlier than in a normal training course. "In normal salons, you’re usually just a cleaner for the first year and aren’t allowed to do anything else. That is not the case here. I was already allowed to work on the customer on the second day. And when I can tell the clients how to make themselves look better, and after a short time I already get compliments on my work, it makes me very proud", says aleyna with a smile.

Because of the practicality and the addition of the hair& beauty artists have chosen the three. "I read about it in a magazine and was determined to do it", says 17-year-old sophia.

They have not regretted their decision. All three did it again. "We are on fire for what we do, and it makes us fun to learn new things and apply the knowledge directly. We are a full member of the team and can work independently with the customer. We are gently pushed out of our comfort zone, and that helps us to get better and better", says 17-year-old aleyna uberzeugt.

And you can tell that the three know a lot when they talk about their jobs, their tasks and their training. This also convinces the customers, who are enthusiastic about the young women, who can do so much, even though they are only at the beginning of their training.

"The clients know that we have higher standards of service and training, so they make a conscious decision to come to our salon. And when I look at my three trainees, I know that I’m going in the right direction", says annette kurz-mahringer.

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