Juggler-duo “double take” the first time at “bamberg zaubert


Until tuesday evening, lena kohn and christian harel had no idea that they were part of "bamberg zaubert" will come. "A group of artists dropped out at short notice due to illness and marcus gotz, whom we have known for a long time, asked us if we wouldn"t like to come to bamberg", the two artists, who both live in berlin.

Because they have already heard a lot of positive things about "bamberg zaubert had heard and the weekend was not yet planned, they had accepted gladly. Moreover, the juggling duo, who perform under the name "double take", emphasized such a festival offers the unique opportunity to perfect new acts in front of an audience.

And did they regret this step? "Not at all. Besides the fact that I almost can"t feel my tube after four performances a day, we had a lot of fun in bamberg," they both emphasize in unison, reports lena kohn. Bamberg is a wonderful city, the audience is simply huge and the atmosphere is magnificent. Even with "hat money were both very satisfied. "Certainly there are places and times where the money bag is not quite as full, but then other performance areas like the one at the gabelmann make up for that and in the end there is enough left over", summed up the berliner. Especially since travel and accommodation expenses as well as meals were taken over. "First and foremost, I am thrilled by the beautiful city and the really great audience.

But I was amazed at the number of artists who perform over 500 shows in this rather small town", their partner christian harel. Therefore, he could also understand that the audience did not give everyone "one" rough seeming" could throw into the hat. He also praised the wonderful weather and the good organization and support that they received from the organizers. Because whenever a driver or a contact person was needed, such a person was always on standby. Therefore, if they are invited again next year, they will definitely come back. And this, although the juggler couple actually performs more at galas or in variety shows.

The two got to know each other a few years ago in berlin in a practice room for jugglers. Christian harel, who comes from montreal, and lena kohn, from berlin, have discovered that they both complement each other well. "And now we not only work together professionally, but also live together as a couple", tells the elite juggler, who knows her "craft" well at the renowned circus school in stockholm.

On the road all over the world
This brings many advantages. Above all, as a pair of artists, they will be together a lot. Especially if you travel all over the world on business like the two of them. They have already performed in egypt, south africa and lebanon, among other places.

"And even if we have a bit of a row with each other, at least during the performance we laugh at each other and then the world is usually back in order again", both emphasize in unison.

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