Launch of the new vacation and leisure program of the city of kronach

launch of the new vacation and leisure program of the city of kronach

Become a stonemason or fortress engineer, discover the secrets of herb plants, explore the rosenberg fortress on an exciting night hike or take part in an exciting fortress rally: that’s what families can do with the new tourist offers of the city of kronach in cooperation with the JUFA-hotel fortress rosenberg. The vacation and recreation program during the whitsun vacations is aimed at all interested parties. On monday, the new highlights were presented by kerstin low, head of the tourism and events department of the city of kronach, and the museologist alexander sub with other responsible persons during a tour of the site.

"The main difference is that these are half-day programs", declared sub, who together with the guest leaders rosi ross "turmer" thomas baier and philip kraus had developed the new subjects. These last twice as long as the existing guided tours and activities, around two and a half hours, in order to delve even deeper into the history of the city and its landmark.

The expansion was also triggered by the start of operations at the JUFA hotel, according to low. It is hoped that this will lead to an increase in the number of families staying in kronach for more than one night. The company is pleased to be able to offer the new module. It will take place from tuesday to saturday during the two whitsun vacation weeks. One event per day is offered with a guarantee of taking place.

The new hands-on, interactive, outdoor activities depend on the guest guides. "They are an essential pillar in conveying the content input", low praised the commitment and inventiveness of the guest leaders rosi ross, thomas baier and philip kraus. Ross has developed five new activities, two of which will be offered during the whitsun vacations: "i’m not eating my soup – or my soup?" It goes with families the secrets of the herb plants and their effect on the reason. For this purpose, a kind of herb garden is to be created in the commander’s garden after completion of the construction work. Until then you move to another garden.

"With ghosts, glow, secrets" it is an exciting and somewhat spooky night hike through the fortress forest. "When we walk through the forest with a lantern, we have to be careful not to get mugged", said ross mysteriously.

Their three other ideas "nature’s DIY store" (discovery of wood as a building material) "the fortress in color" (look into the color box of nature) as well as "from old to new" (product creation from waste paper) are later implemented.

"I always find that the simple things are the most fun for people", tells "turmer thomas baier just also from "hudeldaaben", adults becoming children again. For his fortress rally, he has also devised an exciting fortress tournament with traditional games such as egg walking, dew pulling and a beer cap competition. The teams are divided into two groups, recognizable by the different "leibla" made by rita wachter with the french rake or the bavarian rue.

Philip kraus invites you to the "atelier der steinmetze" and the "world of fortress engineers a. Aspiring stonemasons learn everything about stone and its processing in the fortress construction hat before they start working with historical tools.

The "fortress engineers in spe go on a time travel 350 years into the past. After an introduction to the history of the country, you will learn about the early measurement techniques to calculate the distance between two onion towers of the fortress. The aim is also to achieve a greater awareness of the work done at that time.

The program is supplemented by the extended museum educational offer "traumgold". Of value and working with gold with renate knobloch.

"With the new offers out into the fresh air a hole closes itself", said low. The opening of the JUFA hotel was the starting point for the new events; however, the idea of a module for the drafts had already been in his mind for two or three years.

Overview of the new offers during the whitsun vacations

"I don’t eat my soup – or?" – hard to believe: nature serves up wild herbs and interesting specialties. Herbs and plants reveal their mysterious, healthy effects. And it should also taste good. To make sure that no one gets lost and important points are not lost, an orientation map will be prepared for this purpose. Getting to know the rosenberg fortress is part of the. At the campfire the found precious items are processed and tasted. We listen to the "waldgefluster"; he has a lot to tell us.

"Ghosts, embers, secrets" – the realm around rosenberg fortress becomes exciting and adventurous when darkness falls. What then awakens? What lies behind the old walls?? Where the road leads? Who creeps through the forest? There is much to hear and experience on this evening hike: a fire blazes; the wood cracks; a magic potion provides warmth with the embers. And what happened here many years ago? The stories tell of it …

Studio of the stonemasons – since antiquity, stonemasons have preserved the knowledge of the artful working of stone and the erection of stone buildings. Organized in brotherhoods, they traveled through europe in the middle ages and created cathedrals, castles and fortresses. On site they lived and worked together with the other craftsmen in bauhutten. They marked their works with their signs – the stone malt marks. Also in kronach, where since the 16. In the 19th century, when work was being done on the construction of a fortress, there was a fortress construction hut. What techniques were used by the stone masons and what is a stone mason’s mark?? " World of fortress engineers" – fortress engineers were sought-after specialists at european fortresses. With the advent of the bastion fortification in the 16th century, the. Century, they spread – starting from italy – the knowledge of the construction and defense of these impressive fortifications. They were not "only engineers; they combined knowledge from astronomy, geography, architecture, mathematics, and the art of drawing. Who were these fortress engineers? What tools did they have at their disposal and how did they manage to build huge fortifications??

"Fortress rally – an exciting fortress tournament for big and small with a treasure hunt afterwards. Teams compete against each other in games such as egg race, dew pulling and a beer cap contest.

Vacation and recreation program whitsunday, tuesday, 11. June: atelier der steinmetze, direction: philip kraus (9.30 -12 o’clock); wednesday, 12. June: I don’t eat my soup – or?, rosi ross (9.30 – 12 o’clock); thursday, 13. June: world of fortress engineers, philip kraus (9.30 – 12 o’clock); friday, 14. June: fortress rally, thomas baier, (14.30 – 5 pm); ghosts, glow, secrets, rosi ross (9 – 11 pm); saturday, 15. June: traumgold, renate knobloch (9.30 – 12 o’clock); tuesday, 18. June: atelier der steinmetze, philip kraus (9.30 -12 hrs); wednesday, 19. June: I don’t eat my soup – or?, rosi ross, (9.30 -12 pm); thursday, 20. June: world of fortress engineers, philip kraus (9.30 -12 pm), friday, 21. June: fortress rally, thomas baier (14.30 – 17 hrs), ghosts, embers, secrets, rosi ross (9.30 – 12 o’clock); saturday, 22. June: traumgold, renate knobloch (9.30 a.M. – 12 p.M.), meeting point: artillery barracks fortress rosenberg, tickets: for non-JUFA hotel guests available at the fortress box office (schoolchildren 7 €, adults 10 €, family 25 €)

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