New place to play

New place to play

Although the children of eltingshausen have been playing on their new playground in bayernstrabe since last fall, they have been able to enjoy the new equipment. But it was not until sunday that it was officially inaugurated with a family service in the presence of mayor franz kuhn, local spokesman andreas kukuk and some local residents. More than 11,000 euros had been invested by the association and the community of oerlenbach in the modernization of the playground.

The idea of replacing outdated play equipment was initiated by parents from the toddlers’ group, who were soon joined by other parents. They turned to local spokesman andreas kukuk for help, who, together with the association, collected donations from local companies and private sponsors. Exactly 4600 euro came together at that time. Now it was up to the municipal administration. "There is an agreement that the municipality always contributes the same amount in such cases", explained mayor franz kuhn. "Playground equipment is replaced with new ones from time to time in the entire municipality."

Despite tight budgets, the administration and the town council were once again true to their word. "If the association community has money, then also the municipality has the money", smiled the mayor.

In the summer of 2018, a colorful metal and plastic climbing frame with an integrated slide for smaller and larger children as well as a yellow and red seesaw were purchased and installed by experts in a childproof manner. Employees of the building yard additionally spared the 1200 square meters of rough facility, which has existed for about 40 years, and distributed a good amount of wood chips under the playground equipment as fall protection. The corresponding material costs were also covered by the municipality. "The working hours of our employees are not included", the mayor announced.

"This is a very special place for a family service", worship commissioner birgit albert began her sermon on the theme of friendship. "Because here you play with your friends." Since jesus is the friend of all people, he may also be invited to this event and asked for his protection and blessing for the playground. The celebration was musically accompanied by the small family worship band.

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