Theinfeld church in the change of times

Theinfeld church in the change of times

The church of theinfeld was said to be one of the oldest church buildings. Currently it is being renovated. This is a good opportunity to remember the turbulent time of the building.

The church was originally only a chapel without a tower and was probably built in the 13th century. Or 14. The court had been erected in the nineteenth century. In 1599 a tower was added to the church. The year of construction 1599 is engraved in the keystone of the tower. In 1747 the nave was moved to the west and the entrance was relocated. In 1753 the monastery donated an altar to maria bildhausen, which is still in the church today. In 1839 another reconstruction took place and in addition an organ was installed.

57 years ago (1962) the church steeple (real steeple) was re-roofed. Since church attendance in theinfeld was very good, at least at that time, the pastor in charge at the time, oskar pfluger (1964 to 1982), decided in 1970 to enlarge the church by building a new nave. In order to receive grants from the bishop’s ordinariate, the political community renounced its property and transferred the church to the catholic church foundation. The new church nave was built in a very short time.

On 6. May 1972 the new church was solemnly consecrated by auxiliary bishop alfons kempf. In may 1985, the stations of the cross, which were created around the year 1780 and removed from the old church, were renovated and rehung in the church. The renovation was completed.

The church had probably contained a bell since the 14th century. Century a small bell. In the volume "art monuments in bavaria it is described as follows with gothic majuscule inscription: "ave maria, gratia plena dominus14. Century. It had survived all the wars in one piece. 60 years ago on 30. April 1957 it cracked during the ringing and the sound was gone, so the story goes. Almost 600 years of work were really enough.

The bell then stood in the attic of the church for many years during its service. 1974 on the occasion of the erection of the mortuary a new funeral bell was needed. A bell maker exchanged the old bell for a new one at no extra charge. Later, when the old bell was bought back, it had disappeared. Supposedly it was broken down into several pieces and then melted down.

During the two world wars all other bells except the bell had to be delivered, they were melted down. But in theinfeld there have always been resourceful burghers. During the second world war, a heavy iron ring from an old grist mill was mounted in the belfry. Iron tones were then produced with a mallet. The replacement bell was ready. In 1947, one of the bells delivered from hamburg was able to return home. The end of the war came too quickly and saved it from the war service as a cannon. On 15. October 1957 then pastor felix seufert (from 1932 to 1964 pastor) could hand over three new bells to their destiny with the guidance: "god grant that they may only do their service in peace"!"

Now the reconstruction of the church is on the agenda again. The renovation has been a topic in the community of thundorf for more than a decade. The southern staircase has already been renewed. Even though the internal building load was transferred to the church foundation in 1970, the external building load still remained with the municipality. Therefore, in addition to the renovation of the staircase, the municipality has to bear the costs for the upcoming complete roof renovation, as well as the renovation of the outer facade and a handicapped accessible entrance. The work began shortly, the cost is about 350,000 euros, divided into a fixed subsidy from the diocese of wurzburg, a municipal share for the outer construction load and the remaining sum of 20,000 euros is borne by the church community of theinfeld.

After the grant was already approved in 2017, the tree removal can be made despite the demand stop of the diozese. The construction moratorium in the diocese does not apply to theinfeld. A total of six trades have already been awarded, and according to the church’s accountant thomas schmitt, the bid totals are all within the cost range.

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