Wilhelm wolpert describes legendary events on the river main

Wilhelm wolpert describes legendary events on the river main

The editor, who works as a freelance painter and graphic artist in nurnberg and who has published the book with beautiful "speaking" words has meanwhile produced three books of legends. "What interests me most about these statements is that they are fantastic and that strong images come into my head when I read or listen to them, he told the audience.

The bipolarity is also interesting; there is only good or bad, light or dark, scary or funny. For the say know no shades of gray. Because he loves legends and, as an artist, also beautiful books, he has already published three books of legends. Whereby he finds the composition between text and image very exciting. "I have made pen and ink drawings of the legends published in my books and then colored them on the computer", he announced on thursday evening. All of the statements, which are by nature locally bound, are compiled by him after thorough research on site. Then he approaches authors and asks them to reinterpret them. For the saga allows a wide scope of interpretation and literary freedom. The books also contain the historical "truth" behind the words.

So far, the books "city secrets – nurnberg tales retold" and "the angry army on walberla – tales from french switzerland" and just in time for the reading "maingeister – sagen aus unterfranken neu erzahlt" ("maingeists – new stories from lower franconia") published. A total of nine authors participated in the "colorful array of figures and interpretations" participated.

In the latest work "maingeister the habfurt dialect poet wilhelm wolpert comes several times "to word". "I found out that he is the bearer of the franken-wurfel and thought to myself, "he must be good", explained kurt neubauer. "So I asked him if he would not like to contribute some saying. Especially since the dialect in which he writes fits very well, since the stories have always been told in the respective dialect."

Thus the new book begins ortlich betrachtet in habfurt, whereby wilhelm wolpert contributed two sayings from the district town and one from the district sailershausen. The work "wanders along the main river to aschaffenburg. In between you can also read two sayings of saint pippin from wurzburg, newly narrated by wilhelm wolpert.

The dialect poet opened the reading with the klingenberger saga "the little bell of the stromfei" of the author valentin muller, before he recited his newly learned saga of the sweden procession to the delight of his listeners. It tells how burghers of habfurt in the 30-year war by a procession from the chapel to the parish church scared the swedes so much that they spared the city. But wolpert also described how christ came to have two right feet on the cross near sailershausen, why the two towers of the habfurt parish church are of different thicknesses, and why saint pippin, whose stone figure stands on the old main bridge in wurzburg, became a counselor in difficult situations.

The evening rich in legends was musically enhanced by maria groh from habfurt (vocals) and monika appel (gleisenau) on the piano. The lottery ticket comes to the association "habfurt helps" benefit. The organization, founded by wilhelm wolpert, supports people and aid projects in poor countries. Especially in albania.

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