Windowsill la

windowsill la

The kerwasmadla and kerwasbum reacted cleverly at the barnfelser kerwa. Since the kerwas tree was shuttered by unknown persons the year before, this should not happen this year.
"Although this", as caro and carina from the village youth affirm "we don’t even need them and they haven’t really bothered us at all". That’s why the "young-bares" switch their 20-meter-high spruce directly after erecting it themselves, in order to forestall potential repeat staters. Because the girls and boys also put up a sign with the words "atsch" the unknown people who were addressed felt challenged, so they took to their words at night and laid down the decorated trophy: "our people kept watch until six in the morning, but at seven he was suddenly lying there", smile the two kerwasmadla, who, together with the old kerwas boys who had stepped in without further ado and did not want to be accused of this sacrilege, immediately set off for the forest to get a ten-meter taller spruce to replace it. But apparently they heaved a little too hard and unsteadily, because just as the "maia" in the straight stand, the tip broke off crashingly. But even this does not upset carina and caro, because they think: "with or without spitz’ and tree, the barnfelser kerwa is a dream."

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