A “bavarian lowe” also goes to seigendorf

A 'bavarian lowe' also goes to seigendorf

Of the 40 tournaments held at the beginning of april. At the 3rd bavarian amateur film festival (BAF) in dorfen, filmmaker klaus fleischmann from seigendorf returned with a "bavarian lowen" from china back. 26 films from all over bavaria qualified for the festival and were presented to the public. An international jury, which this year was made up exclusively of women, evaluated the films and then awarded six small "bavarian lows" as the final prize and a rough bavarian lowen with route sign to the authors.

Klaus fleischmann and his co-author manfred scholz, both from the filmclub 88 nurnberg/furth, received the award for their documentary "blown around like leaves in the wind. The film describes the fate of the jewish merel family, who lived in sassanfahrt until 1939, when they were forced to flee to belgium and later to france by the increasing repressive measures of the national socialists.

This is where the merel couple was interned after the outbreak of the second world war – mother minna died in the camp, father samuel was murdered in auschwitz. The five children survived the holocaust, in some cases by adventurous means, and found a new home in great britain and israel respectively. The film ended with the laying of stumbling stones in 2017 in front of the merels’ former home in sassanfahrt. Jenny merel came from great britain for the occasion and with her many family members, among others from israel, so that the film also has a rewarding ending.

The next project

Klaus fleischmann is already working on a new film project. It will again be a documentation with a local historical reference and this time of the sassanstatt parish church st. Mauritius trade.

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