A place for everyone

A place for everyone

Rough was the joy in hainweiher, when the school and culture room, which is attached to the fire station, was officially handed over to its purpose.

Mayor christine frieb spoke of a significant project. This had become necessary because the former school building was sold. The house had been in need of complete renovation and had far exceeded the budget. Therefore, the town council unanimously decided to build an annex as a school room. This could also be used by the gymnastics club ebneth-hainweiher, the singing club, the seniors and the church community, said frieb.

It was a long way to this annex, noted F chairman thomas krappmann. So it was a real shock when it became known that the old schoolhouse was being sold. There had been much discussion in both villages, and the town of burgkunstadt had even been called a "bosewicht" had been titled. After partly heated discussions the application for the extension of the fire station had been decided. This would not create any competition for the local gastronomy.

Alois dechant spoke of a pleasant cooperation between all those involved in the extension work. He considers it particularly important that a meeting place for people has been created here. It is important that there are still places where people can talk to each other and spend time together. As a gift he had a picture collage with him. Architect ulf muller explained that the costs had remained below the planned estimate. All in all, these costs amounted to 425,000 euros for a one-year construction period. Almost 1000 hours of voluntary work were performed. It would hardly have been possible to carry out such projects without volunteers. Pastor reinhold konig from burkersdorf said that it was a meaningful day for the inhabitants of hainweiher and ebneth. The room serves as a place where people can find peace and relaxation in community and also hold church services. He blessed the premises. .

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