Attention, cyclists: these tips will help you be seen in the dark season

attention, cyclists: these tips will help you be seen in the dark season

Some people unnecessarily endanger themselves by not wearing light-colored clothing in the dark and at night, or by not using proper lighting, or not using proper lighting on bicycles. Occasionally, road users report that they encounter cyclists dressed in little or no conspicuous clothing and riding without lights. But also pedestrians, who in individual cases move inappropriately on the footpaths.

Everyone can contribute something to be seen in time

Because they are not infrequently recognized too late, there are often avoidable frightful situations. In the worst case, an accident can be the result. Collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists can naturally lead to serious injuries and thus cause considerable suffering for the victims and their families. Everyone can help to be seen in time. But the following also applies: cautious gets ahead.

New laws in 2018: what will change for bicycles, cars and trains?
By the way: anyone caught by the police riding a bicycle or two-wheeler without lights or with inadequate lighting, or using the sidewalk in a manner contrary to traffic regulations, must expect to be asked to pay the fine. Even juveniles can be given a warning fine.

These tips should be followed to be seen better

– wear bright outerwear and increase visibility by using approved reflectors

– make sure your bicycle/two-wheeler is properly illuminated

– use a helmet when riding a bicycle

– if you are a cyclist, use the bicycle path or the road, because riding a bicycle on the road is only allowed for children up to the age of ten

– be considerate of other road users, especially children, the elderly and the infirm

– observe the helmet obligation when using motorcycles

– as parents, make sure that your children leave the house brightly and visibly dressed. Use reflectors for this purpose

– walk preferably on lighted sidewalks, not on unlighted parts of the roadway

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