Bamberg women have nothing to lose at the primus in heidelberg

Bamberg women have nothing to lose at the primus in heidelberg

The basketball players of DJK don bosco bamberg (2.) on saturday certainly do not go to the coarse, residence, baroque and university city on the neckar river. The roles are too clearly distributed when trainer konstantin hammerl’s team plays at 17.30 o’clock in the 2. Liga sud at the undefeated bascats of USC heidelberg, who are striving with all their might to return to the bundesliga. After eight wins, the 81:86 loss to jungst at schwabach was too much of a jolt. Perhaps the humiliation came at the right time. "Hopefully, this was an instructive defeat", was hammerl’s prompt reaction.

In order to have any chance at all in the ISSW 700 hall in neuenheim field, the DJK basket players will have to produce their best performance of the season. Coach dennis czygan’s squad showed them clearly in the 71-92 first leg in mid-october in the bamberger "blue" the limits. At 28:51 at halftime, the game was already over. After the break, czygan made a lively change of players. That was not the case in heidelberg’s 85:57 win over newcomer BSG ludwigsburg. Not aggressive enough in defense at first, USC was even down 33:34 at the turn of the page. When now the pursuer is guest, the bascats were allowed to start however again more concentrated. In the first leg, DJK center victoria waldner was not yet part of the game.

Czygan: improve hitting rate

The heidelberger coach dear know: "we knew that you do not beat ludwigsburg in passing. The team was a good gauge for bamberg on saturday. We tried to play with our normal defense at first, but it didn’t work out. We have discussed the coordination during the break. As a result, the defense was better, and so was the offense. We still have to improve our scoring rate for the game against bamberg."

The new u.S. Players in the USC jersey, pele gianotti (15.1 points per game average/8.1 rebounds) and olivia nash (14.0/10.5) have been long-serving. Together with rachel arthur (13.3 points), helena chatzitheodoros, britta daub and anne zipser, they are the first to guarantee the heidelberg wins.

Hammerl: must be fresh

For DJK-coach hammerl the so far in eleven games unbeaten heidelbergerinnen are "the team of the league", which won its encounters by an average of 29 points. "They play with the intensity and speed of a first division team", female hammer. His team has nothing to lose at the top of the.

He demands that his proteges rise to the challenge and not hide, despite the role of the eagle sider. Hammerl: "we must be fully concentrated, mentally and physically freshly motivated, and that for the full 40 minutes!" We have to dictate the tempo and the rebounds in the top game.

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