Beautiful words at the symbol stone

Beautiful words at the symbol stone

Interior minister joachim herrmann did not have to give his speech from a dredger. His need for construction machinery was covered for the time being. At the CSU meeting at the dreifrankenstein above heuchelheim, the splinted leg still bore witness to the fact that the minister had recently tipped over with an excavator during the groundbreaking ceremony. It seemed that the survived danger had given him a new lease of life. He sang all the verses of the frankenlied at the top of his lungs. Of course the bavarian and the national anthem were not missing either. They were played by the blaserklasse dreifrankeneck, all schoolchildren from the surrounding communities. The pastors peter schramm and georg schneider spoke words of blessing.

Gathered for the first time on the newly designed land around the three-franc stone, the politicians were full of praise for the leader project jointly tackled by geiselwind, burghaslach and schlusselfeld. Annemarie mauer, CSU chairwoman from geiselwind, as host buried not only the interior minister but also his secretary of state gerhard eck, member of the bundestag thomas silberhorn, ex-minister of economics michael glos, member of the european parliament anja weisgerber, members of the state parliament heinrich rudrof and hans herold, as well as around 300 listeners.

At the symbolic stone of the three french government districts, the politicians traditionally hold up the french flag in their speeches. Some french patriots, who actually waved the flag with the red and white rake, were not sparing with criticism in view of the words. "Pure lip service the regional chairman of the party "die franken" commented robert gattenlohner. "When they are south of the danube, everything is forgotten."

"For 33 years on the edge of the districts and yet right in the heart of frankfurt", state secretary eck described the place where the stone marks the borders of upper, lower and central franconia. Franconia is "the most beautiful region in europe" and franken has always produced bright minds. The "resistance fighters against a national park steigerwald, recognizable by their green t-shirts, eck thanked for their engagement. "We almost live in a promised land", he noted. This cannot be determined by economic data alone. It is important to have an environment that is livable and worth loving.

Minister of state herrmann often received spontaneous applause for his speech on popular issues. Thus he demanded "the preservation of the christian character of our country" and spoke of the low unemployment figures in france, which were practically equivalent to full employment. When it came to finances, too, he struck exactly the tone that was expected of him: now the west had to get its act together when it came to investments. Enough has been redeveloped in the east. "We will make sure that the projects in franconia are not neglected." The future of europe is a matter of concern to him. That is more than economic dynamics and exchange rates. It is about ethical values and the preservation of peace. That internal security is "firmly in french hands" is also the patron saint of education, as secretary of state eck had emphasized before him. Herrmann called out to the people of steigerwald who had fought against the national park: "we have kept our word. The steigerwald is good the way it is. We do not need anything else!"

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