Camera in changing room of eltmann company: police confirm investigation

A camera was allegedly installed without permission in a changing room of an eltmann company by an employee in order to secretly take pictures of female employees there.

This information was sent anonymously to the editorial office of the frankischer tag. The company in question is the schaeffler production facility in eltmann. Further it was communicated that the police is already switched on. "I can confirm that we are investigating", explained norbert mohr, chief of the police inspection habfurt, on inquiry of this newspaper. Schaeffler corporate communications also confirmed the incident, stating "that there was an incident at our site in eltmann in which the personal rights of female employees were interfered with". Bettina lichtenberg, head of corporate communications at the industrial company, explains: "we are working closely with the police to clarify the facts of the case. We are not able to provide any information on the ongoing police investigations."

Wait for data evaluation

According to police chief mohr, an investigation is currently underway to determine whether an offense has been committed under section 201a of the criminal code ("violation of the highly personal sphere of life through image recording"). According to mohr, this regulation came into force in 2004 and requires, among other things, that images of one or more people in a private area (such as a dressing room) were actually taken in order to be punished. If someone puts a camera somewhere," explains mohr, "but there is no photo on it, there was no criminal offense. There is no "attempt is punishable" clause in this article," said low.

All he could say about the case in eltmann at the moment was that a camera had been discovered lying on the floor by employees a few days ago, apparently the device had been released from a hidden position. Whether there are recordings on it is currently being investigated. The camera was passed on to the department for data evaluation of the schweinfurt criminal investigation department, explains mohr. Results can be expected after one to two weeks at the earliest, but often only after an even longer period of time – depending on the workload at the criminal investigation department and which prioritized cases had to be dealt with first. The results were then handed over by the habfurt police inspection to the bamberg public prosecutor's office, which decides as the "mistress of investigations" about the progress of the. 

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