Cultural development planning gets new impetus

The bamberger city council unanimously approved the establishment and appointment of a cultural commission in its full session on wednesday. The cultural commission, an expert advisory body for cultural development planning, is made up of seven political representatives and seven external cultural experts and will form one of the two discussion groups for the consensual development of the "cultural concept 2025" on the basis of the basic report. A second accompanying discourse group consists of the management level of the city and city co-financed as well as state cultural enterprises in bamberg . "This ensures that all relevant contacts are involved in the discussion and development of the strategy paper ‘cultural concept 2025’." Cultural advisor ulrike siebenhaar expressed her conviction in a press release from the city.

In the last meeting of the cultural senate in october 2020, the establishment of a cultural commission had already been approved in principle. The cultural commission is an important methodological tool in matters of cultural development planning. The commission will be temporary to accompany the cultural development planning until the completion of the "cultural concept 2025" established. Together, the members of the commission will systematically review, discuss and evaluate the basic report on the cultural development plan in order to develop the "cultural concept 2025" to develop.

As early as the first step – in the preparation of the basic report – cultural practitioners from a wide variety of fields, e.G. B. Literature, music, theater, free scene, young culture, etc. Involved in interviews, workshops and open burgerlabor formats and asked to give their assessment of cultural life – status quo, strong, weak, goals, wishes. The completed baseline report will summarize several results of methodical approaches. It no longer collects individual perspectives or divisional results. These queries have already been made in the form of around 30 qualitative interviews.

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