District office bids farewell to gisela hanel

District office bids farewell to gisela hanel

With one laughing and one crying eye, district administrator klaus loffler said goodbye to administrative specialist gisela hanel. On the one hand, he is pleased to "release" you into well-deserved retirement after 49 years of service – almost 40 of them with the district of kronach on the other hand, the company is losing a valuable, responsible and highly valued employee. He linked his thanks to the appreciation of their many years of professional experience and expertise.

Procurement center built

Gisela hanel was initially employed – from 1968 – by the market town of bad steben and moved to the coburg labor office for a year, until she took up her position with the district of kronach in 1978 (after passing her exams in 1977 to become an administrative specialist). In addition to fulfilling his duties in other areas, hanel also excelled in the field of education.
However, your work at the district office was focused on the district office. Over the past 33 years, she has been involved in the central procurement office, which she has gradually built up and managed very efficiently. Savings achieved in this way have created financial scope and relieved the burden on the district budget, pointed out chamber speaker gunter daum in his laudatory speech. Congratulations and words of thanks were also conveyed by staff council chairwoman gisela hable and personnel officer maria muller. In closing, the future retiree emphasized that she had always enjoyed her work over the years, but that she was still looking forward to retirement as a new phase in her life.

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