Finsel first in the zoo

Finsel first in the zoo

The schwurbitzer alexander finsel (TV 48 coburg) seems to be indestructible. After he had to stop training for a few weeks due to a thigh strain and had only started again three weeks ago, he showed an astonishingly strong performance at the nurnberg tiergarten run.
In pressure-packed weather around 30 degrees some participants gave up. Those who ran had to complete three laps of the demanding course through the zoo. The course was 10 kilometers long, with about 60 meters of ascent per lap.

Finsel pulls away early

In the middle of the first lap finsel took the lead of the field and ran safely to the finish line after 38:35 minutes as overall winner to the cheers of the spectators. "I was completely surprised that I could win this race so clearly", said the schwurbitzer. The second thomas junker was 1:12 minutes behind.
A good race ran finsels club colleague kevin durst as overall sixth and second of the M20 with 41:25 minutes.

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