From the registry office to the goal

From the registry office to the goal

Already on friday evening, the FC lichtenfels regional league soccer team lost 1:4 to FC vorwarts roslau in their 14. Seasonal defeat in the 32. Game cashed. The team of guest coach alexander grau/christian goller is in danger of slipping to 13th place in the remaining two games of the season.

Roslauer secure league spot with win, thanks to superb first half. In the center of the game, however, was vorwarts-torhuter sebastian blechschmidt. The had married in the morning civil in court and stood in the evening between the posts. But the real celebration was not until saturday after the church wedding in konradsreuth at thurnau castle – and his teammates were there of course.

Blechschmidt’s wish to play to nil once again was almost fulfilled. But in the 85th minute. Minute made him the lichtenfelser dennis schunke a line through the calculation. But the counter-goal could get over the brautigam. "The main thing was to win and keep the team in the league", he also beamed after the game.

Why not always so? The few spectators asked themselves in the half-time break. The roslau team set off a veritable offensive fireworks display in the first 45 minutes. From the beginning was consistently played over the wings, and one attack after another rolled on the goal of the korbstadter. However, blechschmidt also had to risk his neck on two counterattacks in the early stages to prevent a goal against.

Fabian strum three times preparer

All three goals in the first half were brilliantly prepared by fabian sturm on the left aubenbahn. First he could only be stopped by a foul in the penalty area; the penalty was converted by captain jaroslav smrha to make it 1:0 – the ball was held by a hair by goalkeeper kraus. The attack that led to 2:0 was worth the price of admission alone: again it was sturm who broke through on the left after a pass from ertac tonka and superbly served waldemar schneider, who was running with him. And also the 3:0 went after a similar pattern: sturm crossed into the penalty area, tonka crossed the ball to the better positioned kaan gezer, and he had no trouble to push in for 3:0.

Gezer alone could have made everything clear in the first half, but missed two times alone in front of goal.

Lichtenfelser too harmless

In the second half, the roslau team, feeling confident of victory, took it easy. Lichtenfels now made a lot of pressure, but remained harmless in front of the goal. After tonka had pushed in after preliminary work of berkan kurdoglu to the 4:0, the resistance of the guests was finally broken. The lichtenfelser trainer alexander gray carried the defeat of his team with version: "of course, we had imagined that quite differently. But if you are already down 0:3 after 20 minutes, you can’t do much more." The air with its team was simply out, resumed gray. "It lacked simply the crucial percentages, in order to put back the necessary steps and meters." The roslauern he attested to have played out the goals really well. Ali sener knew: "my boys have played in the first line for sebastian blechschmidt." Because it is not self-evident "to stand in the goal in the evening after the civil marriage and the coffee drink with the family", said the coach.B.N. FC vorwarts roslau: blechschmidt, kurdoglu (77. Knoblauch), schmidt, smrha, sturm, tamo, benker (69. Siniawa), hermann, gezer (77. Blue suit), tonka / FC lichtenfels: kraus, mohr, graf (72. Hatzold), wige (46. Fischer), hellmuth, geldner, wagner (77. Muktar), ljevsic, pfadenhauer, zollnhofer, schunke / ref: stuhler (oesdorf) / spectators: 100 / goals: 1:0 smrha (7., penalty), 2:0 schneider (18.), 3:0 gezer (21.), 4:0 tonka (60.), 4:1 schunke (85.)

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