Hemhofen’s after-school care to be extended into the countryside

Hemhofen's after-school care to be extended into the countryside

The places in the midday care of the hemhofener elementary school allmahlich scarce. In an earlier survey, 90 percent of school parents did not want an open or bound all-day school. They spoke out in favor of a regular school plus lunchtime supervision. But since there is only room for about 90 children at the moment, there will be no room for 50 to 60 children in the near future.

50 percent from grades 1 to 4 need care from 1 p.M. To 2 p.M. And 50 percent stay until 3 p.M. In the midday care, the total of 11.30 o’clock to 16 o’clock is open. This means that from 13 to 14 o’clock all lunch children are to be cared for. "It is not necessary to provide a separate room for one hour", says mayor ludwig nagel (CSU). "Hemhofen cannot afford that", he continues.

After intensive consideration he sat down some time ago with arnd kading, a landscape gardener from rottenbach. This has specialized in planning and creating natural gardens and has already carried out special projects in kindergartens. Nagel asked if kading could imagine transforming an open space into a nature garden. The idea of a lunchtime care center close to nature – similar to a forest kindergarten – was born.

2400 square meters are available for the redevelopment. Although the 135 registered students can still be cared for in the coming school year, there will be massive accommodation problems from the 2020/2021 school year onwards. So the project should be implemented by then. In the outdoor area about 40 children could be cared for in a natural way. Nagel, however, already fears that there will be more registrations for this healthy, alternative care than there are places available.

In the half of the sports field behind the sports hall a small field is to be built and in the other half a landscape is planned, which the children will be allowed to design themselves. Two ovens for bad weather are planned and as long as there are no toilets, the ones in the gymnasium will be used.

Schoolchildren are allowed to help plan the project

Naturally, the municipal council, which will also deal with this issue next tuesday, around the idea of the mayor, and the members have already indicated their approval. In the coming school year, students will be able to contribute their ideas and later lend a hand in a conference. In the fall, work already begins on a "green classroom" started.

The willows in the willow tunnel are to be woven into a roof, stone seats are to be erected and thus an outdoor classroom for about 30 children is to be created. "We could have used that in the heat last time", the mayor says. All the outdoor facilities were also used by the children during lessons and, of course, by the indoor lunch children be used.

Naturally, the local athletics groups should not be restricted by the reduction in the size of the rough field. "First priority has the school, then comes the lunchtime supervision and then the athletes", explains nagel, who firmly believes that his idea can be put into practice and will also be successful.

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