Hsg gives away point in the final phase

Hsg gives away point in the final phase

For the first time in the current season, however, the coach team anheuer/ruhl could fall back on the complete squad, and so the hope was high that for the first time the complete potential of the team could be exploited.

HSG suffered./niederlindach – nabburg/schwarzenf. 26:26

HSG started with concentration and a strong defense, which was overcome for the first time only after five minutes. Attacks were powerful and effective, but sometimes too hectic. Until the middle of the first half, the home team held a two-goal lead, before the upper palatinate team found its way back with a strong backcourt and equalized (8:8). Unlike in past games, this did not scare the HSG. A number of successful individual actions resulted in a 14:10 lead at the break.

In the dressing room, the coaches praised the good defensive behavior, but called for more communication between the players, who agreed that they did not want to give up such a clear lead. But the guests came out of the starting holes better, and the HSG was no longer as fast in the forward movement as it had been before the break. And because the defense allowed too many free throws into the backcourt, the score was quickly 16:16.

However, niederlindach recovered well from this setback and went ahead again: despite man-to-man defense, lukas stubinger was often put on the spot by his teammates and scored a total of eight goals, so that the hosts could not score again until the 50th minute. Minutes again a three-goal lead had played out. In a hectic and with unnecessary mistakes peppered final phase the HSG brought itself of the reward: time penalties, a red card and bitter misses made possible the 26:26. The fact that it ultimately stayed that way and niederlindach at least scored a point was due to the fact that the nerves of the players from the upper palatinate were not on edge either.

The mood after the game was not clear-cut. On the one hand, the team from niederlindach had been satisfied with a draw before the game, on the other hand, they had to decide the duel for themselves on the basis of the second half. "We dominated the game, but gave it away in the final phase due to a few slight mistakes", explained co-trainer ruhl afterwards. All in all, the team had presented itself much better than before. Defense, in particular, has taken a significant step forward. "If we stop the careless mistakes, I am convinced that we will make the next games positive", ruhl continued. Walter anheuer sounded the same horn: "we had the game in our hands for 56 minutes, but in the end we only managed to save one lucky point. Even if you are leading by two goals four minutes before the end, you have to keep your concentration and overview until the end."

HSG: huckel, hutzler – boolzen (3), dyes, erhardt (3), gilg, gumbert, loncar (1), ruhl (4), sackmann (1), schmieding (2), J. Stubinger, L. Stubinger (8), willert (4)

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