Low warns: already “really flat” before switzerland trip

Low warns: already 'really flat' before switzerland trip

Joachim low quickly got rid of his frustration over the late spanish goal. But the national coach is taking his deep concern for his players and anger at a UEFA rule with him on the short charter flight to basel.

The tight schedule dictated by corona is causing low and bayern boss karl-heinz rummenigge a severe stomachache. Already before the next match of the national football team on sunday (20.45 o’clock/ZDF) in the nations league against switzerland, the 60-year-old sees his attitude painfully confirmed. "We have to be careful: the health of the players is paramount," low said after the last-minute goal in the 1-1 draw with spain. He confessed: "some are really flat."

Low was just able to diplomatically wrap up his lack of understanding about the test matches scheduled by his own DFB in october and november. "I also represent the interests of the association. And the federation is happy about the revenue," said low. The fact that UEFA, the european governing body, has reduced the number of possible substitutions from five to three, as opposed to the champions league, has got him up in arms. "Just now, just now, it had been needed, because the players now have the mammoth program and it had made sense, because some are really running on the toothflesh," he said unusually energetic.

Spain coach luis enrique was also quite displeased with the association’s decision. However, the hope of UEFA’s understanding is relatively low. "As players, we have little influence on that," said julian draxler. "I also think it makes sense to have the five changes, because we come from different situations. It’s also risky to play 90 minutes when you’ve only trained twice," said the paris saint-germain pro.

The front of the admonishers is rough and prominent. A not-always-self-evident alliance between DFB and FC bayern takes concrete shape. "Despite all the euphoria, we mustn’t forget that we’re facing a season that will be more stressful for the players than ever before. The break until the kick-off is short, there are many english weeks, and at the end there is the european championship," said rummenigge in the munich club magazine "51".

The dilemma ultimately remains with low: "basically, i don’t have any solution ready."What remains for him on the way to the rough goal of european championship summer 2021: to rotate again and again, to distribute the loads. Even at the risk of not being able to play a basic formation for a long time. Among others, the four munich triple winners will be missing against switzerland due to special leave. Otherwise, says the national coach, "we’ll have problems in april and may. I try to prevent this."

There will be changes in basel already. "Logically, we will bring in a few fresh players in switzerland," low announced. He does not see any opportunity to make tactical adjustments to his team. "The next few days we can not do so much in training. We will regenerate."

Leroy sane is low’s prime example of the alarming signs right at the start of the XXL season. "Leroy has had cramps. You have to see where he’s coming from. He has hardly played a game in the last four or five months. It was clear that his strength was waning," said low about the bayern player, who played for germany for the first time in 15 months after tearing his cruciate ligament. "You have to be careful with him," low warned.

The spaniards had in stuttgart by luis jose gayà in the sixth minute of injury time the lead by timo werner equalized. "It was a matter of force and concentration," noted low. A prestigious victory with the first compulsory match win against the iberians in his tenure had certainly done low good as a mark of respect.

But even after five nations league games without a win in the competition itself, it is irrelevant for him. "As long as we develop the way we did today, I have to say in all honesty, the results in the nations league are not the most important thing to me," said low.

The national coach also passes this on directly to his players ahead of the next winning start in the switzerland game: "i told the team i wanted development, development, development. Next year, I want to have a team that plays its own game," low said. For this then the forces must be enough.

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