Old age poverty and barriers topics at the seniors’ afternoon

old age poverty and barriers topics at the seniors' afternoon

The 50 or so seniors, seated at beautifully decorated tables, were joined by other guests with a surprise or two.

"We ‘pensioners’ against old age poverty" – a new initiative formed on facebook gained a rough number of members in a short time. With different inserts and actions on the grievances are to be pointed out. For most of the participants of the afternoon, the term "facebook" was familiar rather unknown, but the topic of old-age poverty affected one or the other of us. Brigitte bauer from hammelburg, who is an active member of this group, reported on the reasons for the group’s activities and its goals.

A 97-year-old woman gave a very moving account of her experiences during the post-war period and the reconstruction of dresden. The fact that some of these people live at the subsistence level is a grievance that must be addressed.

At the end brigitte bauer presented a box of merci chocolates to the present players as a thank you for their unforgettable achievements.

Improvements for seniors

Detlef heim, CSU city councilor in hammelburg, seeks consensus with seniors. He reported on the improvements that could be achieved for seniors in the current legislative period: barrier-free access to the town hall, lowering of sidewalks, suitable traffic lanes for wheelchairs and walkers. The future burgerhaus will of course also be barrier-free. Naturally there were objections from the seniors. Unfortunately the rollator stripes from the market place to the church are parked up most of the time.

Heim asked to collect information about this and forward it to him. Only suggestions from those affected can bring further improvements on the way. The rest of the event was spent with coffee and cake, singing, poetry recitals and guessing games.

In the meantime, many of the guests are getting involved so that the afternoons fly by.

After the common evening soup the present ones were said goodbye with an advent calendar.

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