Premiere at the marienkonzert in wollbach

Premiere at the marienkonzert in wollbach

Alpine wise, classical marian songs and also completely new tones could be enjoyed at the approximately one-hour marian concert in the autumnal ambience. A real blessing in these corona times. "Thank you very much, it was very nice", praised silvia metz, 2. Mayor of the market burkardroth and local spokeswoman of wollbach, the musicians in the connection, it says in a press release.

The open-air concert was organized by margit and werner kirchner as well as luise and heribert voll of the music group "hoibuche muisig", to which also martin raab, justin huppmann and gabi kanz belong. The musical program was also performed by the "premicher blechblaser". This is a five-headed ensemble formed by sabrina and frank brixel, wolfgang reith, fabian metz and thomas kirchner. "We often play with the premiers, for example at the french evenings in the regentenbau in bad kissingen or at christmas concerts", luise voll described how this concert line-up came about. Last year was the combo "kaufmannsware" from schonau an der brend had been guest at the wollbacher marienkonzert, had supplemented the program with singing interludes. The "premicher blechblaser on the other hand they supported instrumentally and had a real surprise with them.

Alphorns hidden

Together with wolfgang reith sabrina and frank brixel played for the first time on their alphorns. "Today was the premiere", emphasized heribert voll. Unfortunately, due to the autumn rain, this was somewhat lost. Normally, the rough instruments and their blowers are not to be overlooked at concerts, taking a central role. So that they would not get wet on saturday afternoon, the three alphorn players stood in the siebenschmerz chapel with only their "spikes the so-called mug and the mug ring stood out. However, this did not detract from the musical enjoyment. The visitors listened reverently to the warm powerful tones.

What the musicians of the group "hoibuche muisig" performed was at least as impressive and varied performers. The women and men from waldberg, langenleiten, wollbach, gefall and steinach performed their songs in several voices, playing in parallel on instruments that are not quite commonplace, such as the styrian harmonica or the dulcimer, a stringed instrument. Finally, the visitors were also allowed to sing along, for example with "black madonna" and the closing song "bless you, maria, which gave many visibly great pleasure.

Time passed faster than expected and the concert was over. As a reward, there was a powerful applause and even the sun briefly peeked through the cloud cover once again. "Thank you all for holding out at the cold one." With these words luise voll said goodbye to the concert-goers and added: "stay healthy"! Come through well corona, that we see us next year again with a bunch of people’!".

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