Primus only steps on the gas after the break

Primus only steps on the gas after the break

The handball world in the upper district league of the manner was turned upside down a little bit on sunday. While HG kunstadt stumbled at TV gefrees, TV weidhausen surprised second-placed TV helmbrechts with a 22:21 (13:10) win. This means that an exciting local derby between the two neighbors can be expected in the new year.

For the HG kunstadt the title dreams are probably already burst with it. The gap to the lossless leader HSG rodental/neustadt is now already six points.

In friday’s game, HSG rodental/neustadt showed two completely different halves, but in the end also deserved to win 34:20 (12:11). HSG rodental/neustadt – HG hut ahorn 34:20 (12:11)

Florian kirchner made it 4-0 after five minutes, and the plan to play from the front seemed to work at first. But then came unexpectedly a break in the game of the hsglers. Rodental/neustadt showed a lot of impatience and mistakes in attack, as well as being too immobile and passive in defense. Mentally, too, the team always seemed to be a step too slow.

The guests, for their part, persevered with their style of play and remained within striking distance. Symptomatic for the first half was then also the last action. Ahorn threw the ball out of bounds ten seconds before the siren. The falligen throw-in passed the HSG the guests again directly into the hande, so that they could run freely on the goal and shortened to the half time on 12:11.

Although the guests scored the equalizer right at the beginning, this was to remain the last tie. The team of coaches niels greiner and christoph schuhmann now shifted up two gears. Even if not every action worked out right away, you could tell that the boys didn’t want to let the performance from the first round sit on their hands.

Again and again the HSG forced the ahorner to take difficult throws and also the play out and use of goal chances succeeded now around some better. Due to the clear increase in performance of the hsglers, the final result of 34:20 can also be classified as fair in the end. Metz TV gefrees – HG kunstadt 27:23 (14:11)

The hosts were very determined and benefited from the absence of some of kunstadt’s regular players. In the course of the season so far, the HGK had mostly compensated for the personnel problems with great fighting spirit and dedication, but after many close games, the reserves of strength are now dwindling more and more. Although playmaker nicklas oester returned to the team against gefree, he was visibly limited by an arm injury. Serious were the absences of hajck karapetjan and defensive chief michael de uber (both prevented). In addition, trainer anton lakiza had to go to bed due to illness and was therefore unable to provide any impetus from the sidelines. Mts HG kunstadt: kiebling, doerfer – legat (5), maile (4/3), steuer (3), volk (3), scholz (2), schnapp (2), jung (2), wunschig (2), oester. TV weidhausen – TV helmbrechts 22:21

Although the guests scored after 30 seconds the 1:0, but then the TVW dominated for a quarter of an hour the event. Weidhausen’s goalkeeper simon swoboda played a decisive role in the game, defending the advantage for his team time and again, whether it was with the throws from auben or with the penalty that dominik aust was unable to convert. With a fantastic vorlage he also served jonas gebhardt to 3:1.

In addition, florian and christian buttner shone in the attack, and so the TVW had pulled away to 6:1 after 15 minutes, which visibly caused headaches for the coaching team of the guests. It was clear that the second in the table would not be beaten so quickly, especially since they had two huns on the field in daniel schrepfer and tobias sammet.

The second half of the game started late because one of the two referees had health problems and the game had to be continued with an impartial one. The TVH fought back goal by goal and in the 41st minute managed to score a goal. Minute for the first time the renewed leadership (14:15). In the meantime, the game was played with a harder line, which brought the guests two time penalties in a row. In the last 15 minutes the game was on the knife’s edge with changing advantages. Helmbrechts defended compactly with a 6:0 formation. Since johannes bauer had charge inhibition in the ruckraum, the game seemed to tip over. Just in time, the talent remembered his goal-scoring qualities and netted for a 20:19 and 21:20 lead (57).). Florian buttner raised the score to 22:20. Kag tore TV weidhausen: F. Buttner 5, J. Bauer, J. Gebhard, C. Buttner 3, N. Reichel 3/1, M. Werner 2, F. Querfeld 2, J. Schrepfer 1. / goals TV helmbrechts: T. Sammet 5, J. Judge 4, S. Baumgartel 3, D. Schenk 2, D. Schrepfer 2, D. Aust 2/1, M. Breuherr, M. Gmach, M. Rittweg 1 each. / referees: marius baucke, fabian brungs (HSC coburg).

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