Rammstein shows new song on house wall

Rammstein shows new song on house wall

On a berlin street crossing, the band, celebrated worldwide for its brute rock, loved to stream the video "radio" on a house wall in berlin mitte and broadcast the song simultaneously from rbb station radioeins.

About 1000 fans had come to the crossing, the police secured everything according to rbb reporter henrik barth. After the almost five-minute action, the fans celebrated the song.

With the video, rammstein pays tribute to another globally successful german band with footage in black and white: video sequences and parts of the music can also be seen as an homage to "radioaktivitat" by kraftwerk from 1975. The lyrics of the surprisingly poppy rammstein song evoke memories of a time when listening to the radio at night was an act of freedom. The rammstein members are socialized in the GDR.

With the first video "germany" of the new album rammstein had created a lot of buzz at the end of march. Especially because of the trailer there was persistent criticism. For a good 30 seconds, four band musicians can be seen in the film, whose clothing is reminiscent of concentration camp prisoners.

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