The village store in kasendorf is again in the talk

The village store in kasendorf is again in the talk

"We currently get no lettuce, no fruit and no vegetables in kasendorf", paid for it. She referred to the former edeka store, which was too coarse for a village store, but for whose use other tenants could be found. "The property owner is willing to cooperate. You just had to get together. We could then leave the money in kasendorf and did not have to carry it to the neighboring community. We have a farm store, but it is not always open, but for me a store is only where I can go every day."

Another topic concerns pastor thomas lipfert: "we should think about whether we can build up a district heating supply and choose a type of heating for which the raw material is produced in the region and the value creation remains with us." For the establishment of a regional circuit offered the clergyman said that in addition to the church facilities, the school and the town hall, as well as private properties in this area, could also be connected. "The energy that we currently buy must be obtained partly environmentally harmful. Besides, we should think about how to change our consumption behavior. I experience again and again that we buy things roughly somewhere where they are cheapest." Lipfert also called for more support for the people "who are still doing an honest job here locally".

On the subject of district heating, hans-peter kolb referred to an initial information event that will take place on 20. Marz with the northern bavarian energy agency and the frankenwald energy vision will take place.

The meeting also discussed the use of wind power. Mayor bernd steinhauser (CSU) announced that since a few days the approval of the district administration for four plants on the territory of the market is available. Participation models are now being evaluated. The municipality has also ensured a reduction of the original priority areas as part of the procedure for the regional plan.

District administrator klaus peter sollner () pointed out that wind power is currently the subject of much discussion and that attention should therefore be paid to this issue. Kasendorf has behaved in an exemplary manner. But ralf neumuller felt there was no community-wide concept: "i have the impression that every community is muddling along on its own. I miss that one put together."

In the further discussion, the district administrator made it clear that wind turbines are now considered privileged construction projects and can also be erected without a priority area. However, this uncontrolled growth, as mayor steinhauser put it, was precisely what kasendorf wanted to prevent with the designation of a priority area.

Klaus gumpl wanted to know what is up to a county or municipality reform. District administrator sollner: "the self-governing right of the municipalities is the highest right and is considered inviolable. I am not a clairvoyant, but in the next ten to 15 years this is not on the agenda."

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