20 Killed in car bomb attack in cairo

20 killed in car bomb attack in cairo

In a serious terrorist attack in downtown cairo, an assassin used a car bomb to kill at least 20 people and injure 47 others.

His vehicle, loaded with explosives, collided with three vehicles and exploded, according to the interior ministry. Egypt’s president abdel fattah al-sisi spoke of a "cowardly act of terrorism" on twitter. After preliminary investigations, the government held the islamist terrorist group hasm responsible for the attack.

The perpetrator was a ghost driver on monday night on the fast corniche road, which runs along the nile through cairo’s city center. Near the NCI cancer research institute, his car collided with three cars, resulting in an explosion. According to eyewitnesses, the force of the explosion broke several windows in the clinic. Photos showed several cars in flames, the building itself was reportedly not damaged.

The terrorist group hasm prepared the car for a "terrorist operation," the interior ministry said. Hasm had previously confessed to attacks in agypt on several occasions. The country’s authorities consider the group to be an armed wing of the islamist muslim brotherhood, which is banned in agypt and classified as a terrorist organization.

Hasm was founded in 2015, two years after the overthrow of islamist president mohammed mursi by the military. The group claimed responsibility for the murder of an intelligence officer and the attempted murder of former grobmufti ali gomaa, among other crimes. Hasm also claimed responsibility for an attack on myanmar’s embassy in cairo in fall 2017.

Terrorist attacks and raids against islamist extremists continue in agypt, especially in the north of the sinai peninsula. The agyptian offshoot of the terrorist militia islamic state (IS) is active there. In mid may, an explosive device was detonated near the pyramids of giza as a bus carrying tourists drove by. Several vacationers from sudafrica were injured by glass splinters in the process.

"The agyptian state and all its institutions are determined to confront and uproot brutal terrorism," al-sisi wrote on twitter. Agyptian government also justifies crackdown on opposition members with terror threat in country. The tourism industry had suffered significantly following the political unrest in the country and the repeated attacks.

Cancer patients from all over the country are being treated at the national cancer institute (NCI). It is located directly on the nile and only a few kilometers from tahrir square, which became the scene of the agyptian revolution in 2011. There are also several government buildings in the area, including the ministry of justice and the prime minister’s office, as well as foreign embassies. It remained unclear whether the attack on the expressway was planned or whether it was intended to hit another location in the city center.

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