A man searches for murderous traces in herzogenaurach

A man searches for murderous traces in herzogenaurach

Thomas kowa keeps twitching his camera, documenting an inscription here, a coat of arms there. Kowa is no ordinary tourist to whom helmut biehler shows the city. Kowa is a crime writer.

The swiss author has been commissioned to contribute to the ars vivendi anthology of crime stories from french cities for the next criminale in may 2014. The criminale will take place next year in nurnberg and furth. 200 authors from all over the german-speaking world will meet there at the invitation of the syndicate, the association of crime writers. "I chose herzogenaurach because I associate the city with soccer", betrayal kowa to choose the place where his story becomes. Kowa is fubballaffin, indisputable. After all, he belongs to the swiss national team of writers and is amused by the playing skills of the FC criminale, which competes in the criminale once a year.

Fubball(shoes) nevertheless did not arouse kowa’s special interest in the city. He had asked in advance for a visit to an old-established pharmacy. Whether his story will revolve around a poison murder? Kowa keeps its mouth shut. In the city museum, he is interested in the history of trade, studies pele’s shoes closely and jokingly reaches for a heavy brass chandelier. A suitable murder weapon?

Biehler leads kowa into the castle courtyard. From the town’s history he is particularly interested in the demolition of the old keep. More precisely: biehler’s account of how, after the 30-year war, a skeleton was found in the covered ruins and the town council spent a long time deciding which denomination’s cemetery would be allowed to bury the remains. The three suhne crosses behind the town hall also magically attract kowa’s gaze. In between, he asks about plague epidemics.It seems that episodes from the city’s history should be included. Kowa doesn’t have much leeway, however, because his contribution to the criminale anthology may only be around 25,000 characters long. The equivalent of about ten book pages.

Or is kowa’s experience at the beer tapping at the summer church fair the decisive impetus?? He remembers the scene when three young women stand up at his bench. One of them conspicuously takes a handbag with her. A short time later, at the same table, the companion of a young man notices that her bag is no longer next to her. She immediately calls the police. An understandable reaction. But before the police arrive, the woman returns with the bag. She had taken them by mistake.

Maybe there will be a trace of it in kowa’s herzogenaurach crime novel. We will know at the latest at the planned reading in spring, at the criminale.

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