Amnesty group kulmbach remembers human rights

amnesty group kulmbach remembers human rights

Amnesty international commemorates the adoption of human rights at the cineplex kulmbach. Exactly 70 years ago, in 1948, the members of the united nations proclaimed the universal declaration of human rights. The exhibition is open until 31. December to see. In addition, amnesty started its letter marathon campaign.

The spokesman of the kulmbach group of amnesty international, hans-georg friedmann, held up two posters at the opening of the human rights exhibition. On both of them there are women. Women who are committed to the general public and whose initiatives have not remained without consequences for them personally.

Nawal benaissa from morocco protested peacefully for more social justice. This has earned her 80 000 followers on facebook. But the moroccan authorities have been harassing them ever since. She was arrested four times in four months and was sentenced to a custodial sentence and a fine. People from all over the world are now collecting signatures to strengthen the activist’s fight.

Atena daemi from iran has it even worse. She was sentenced to seven years in prison for her campaign against the death penalty, sits in prison. This year she went on hunger strike. Because not only atena daemi, but also her sisters were "imprisoned" taken.

With the amnesty international letter marathon, which runs until christmas, people from all over the world turn to the judicial authorities and support the fighters for more justice. AI spokesman hans-georg friedmann and his foreman peter hennings set a good example and started the letter marathon in kulmbach with their signatures.

The kulmbach chapter of amnesty international also presents an exhibition on human rights at the cineplex. Exactly 70 years ago, the universal declaration of human rights was adopted by the member states of the united nations. The first draft of the 30 articles was 400 pages thick. In the final version, human rights fit on six pages.

"It has become cold in germany, the head of the kulmbach cineplex, werner kampe, commented on the current situation. "We have to show more empathy again", wished the cinema operator, who is also a member of amnesty international.

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