Broken ground: there is no parking space in friesen

Broken ground: there is no parking space in friesen

The village renewal in the upper village of friesen was undoubtedly a gain for the district. Monday’s city council meeting showed, however, that practice sometimes catches up with well-intentioned ideas. In friesen, for example, a lack of parking spaces has for some time met with a lack of space – with an unpleasant result.

The head of the municipal utility, jochen loffler, showed the council a picture of what heidi hansen, a citizen of friesen, had already explained earlier in the meeting. Because the volume of traffic has increased and parking space is lacking, many people are moving to the meadows, which seem to have been plowed up.

"The installation of the trench was in principle a nice idea, but it does not work", underlined loffler. An assessment showed that seven additional parking spaces could be created in the upper village by using paved areas. The cost: about 22000 euros.

There is obviously a need

"It is not already, but necessary", said marina schmitt (SPD). An opinion that was shared by many later speakers. There was also widespread agreement to create an optics, which is in line with that of the village renewal. Therefore, the decision was made not to use paved parking areas. Instead, concrete and granite paving should be used.

Even grunen city councilor peter witton loved to be convinced ("village renewal also has to do with aesthetics"). However, he spoke out in favor of protecting the ground in other places from being driven over by cars.

Two votes against

It was also suggested that three more parking spaces for the public in the vicinity of the old school should be examined.

The committee ultimately approved the creation of the seven pitches as well as the assessment against two votes. Tino vetter () and klaus simon (SPD) spoke out against these amendments. Simon scolded with plenty of irony: "it’s a pity that ground is being destroyed again – let’s carry on like this!"

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