Coburg’s handball players want license for the 1. Bundesliga

Coburg's handball players want license for the 1. Bundesliga

HSC managing director steffen ramer announced at the new year’s reception of the HSC 2000 coburg that in the next few months they will also be looking again for a license for the 1st league. Handball-bundesliga will try. "We are going on two tracks", he said. Because in the event that the team "a series" if the club were to achieve a promotion place, it could not be allowed to fail because of the lack of a license.

Regardless of the future league affiliation, many talks were currently held to put together a team for the new season. Currently, the HSC 2000 coburg is in 2nd place. Handball bundesliga place 6.

"We can still achieve our goal of being among the top 4", said steffen ramer. And HSC board spokesman stefan apfel added: "we hope for more stability in the future. Then it is absolutely feasible to move up two or three places."

Coach jan gorr looked less at the standings than at his long list of injured players, which is slowly shrinking: "my idea is to have the team complete again by the end of january."

A very close look was taken at the HSC new year’s reception when stefan gronbach, the marketing director of HSC main sponsor HUK-coburg, took the floor. First, he handed out a big consolation prize in view of the relegation from the bundesliga: "the HSC has a lot to be proud of. For example, establishing himself in the top third of a very tough and homogeneous league." He was impressed by the youth work: "the HSC has good ideas and is doing a great job there." And finally, stefan gronbach had a surprise in store: the junior handball players, who regularly train in the former BGS hall on bertelsdorfer hohe and hardly have time for healthy food between school and challenging training, will in future be allowed to come to the canteen of the neighboring HUK for lunch.

"That was no relegation!"

Coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer also had words of praise: "this was not a relegation, but a change to another league.", he said about the sporting change after the season 2016/2017. And: "no matter whether 1. Or 2. League: when i’m away from home, i’m bragging about the HSC!" Tessmer particularly praised the "outstanding concept" in the youth sector and encouraged to "continue this way".

Comedian jorg kaiser was a bit more cheeky with the HSC. He told this story with a wink: "when my little daughter could not fall asleep the other night, I played her the HSC anthem. My wife asked what the point was. I explained that they do the same thing before the games in the HUK arena – and it works for the team!"

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