Concert kront choir project

Concert kront choir project

For a choir project "six a day (six in one day) the sangerkreis coburg, kronach, lichtenfels invites the neckar riesen on sunday, 22. March, to the rennsteighalle in steinbach am wald. Start is at 9 o’clock. The project will end with a concert (starting around 5 pm).

Interested singers as well as choir leaders from the entire choral district are invited to attend. Everyone who likes to sing is allowed to participate. District choir director markus habler hopes to bring to the stage a joint and unforgettable concert with about 300 participants.

After the vocal training and the singing in, six songs are learned for the final concert.

Pros roar with the sangers

Four outstanding choir directors and voice coaches as well as pianists will be invited to work with the singers for a day of individual and register rehearsals. The result will be presented at the final concert in the evening in the rennsteighalle. For this purpose, a renowned sound technician for the sound and a lighting technician are also engaged.

Not only the project choir will participate in the concert. Also the host sangervereinigung edelweib windheim and the group choir of the sangergruppe frankenwald will participate with several songs. Together, all the singers will bury the audience with a song.

The workshop is suitable for further education, as well as to get to know new repertoire. Previous knowledge of the pieces is not necessary. All songs for the concert are rehearsed in different rehearsals. The fee includes three small bites as well as the sheet music.

For the planning the kreischorleiter asks for the registration up to 31. January to markus.Haessler@gmail.Com or by whatsapp to markus habler (0151-12 49 42 42). He would be very pleased about the participation of whole choirs, but also individual singers of a choir can participate

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