Court allows house to be built

court allows house to be built

The former deputy mayor of iphofen, heiner may, failed in his attempt to prevent the construction of a single-family house on the neighboring property of his farm in nenzenheim. The bavarian administrative court in munich dismissed the farmer’s complaint, as iphofen’s mayor josef mend informed the building committee on monday.

This clears the way for the building project planned by andre scholler and cashanna kurbis, which had already been on the committee’s agenda in the fall of 2011. Already at that time resistance mays was announced. The farmer submitted an application to build a bull pen almost simultaneously and was not satisfied with the fact that the district administration had given both projects a chance.

According to mend, the judges did not consider mays’ interests to be significantly impaired by the construction of the house, nor did they consider his agricultural business to be adversely affected. The city can now begin developing the land on which the young people plan to build their house. The city is spending a good 65,000 euros – too much for city councilor rupert maier. "We have more young families," he said. The total was too high to cover a single construction site.

The city will forego a lawsuit against may. This was suggested by city councillor georg guntner with reference to the eight percent increase in the cost of developing the land. "We shouldn’t artificially drag this thing out," mayor mend says. "If the family can build its house, enough has been achieved."

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