Csu wants to master the challenges for kups with a strong parliamentary group

"We have put together a strong list and want to repeat or even improve on the very good result of six years ago in the coming march", said ursula eberle-berlips, CSU faction spokeswoman in kups, at the nomination meeting in johannisthal. "Currently we have eight mandates plus the local speaker of burkersdorf. This is the benchmark for the 15. Marz!"

The importance of a strong parliamentary group was demonstrated when bernd rebhan was elected as the first mayor of the city. We have tackled the many challenges with great vigor: vacancies in various parts of the town, the need to renovate roads and utilities, and community buildings.

She cited as examples the new construction of the kups day nursery and kindergarten, the building permit that was finally granted for the elementary school in kups, including the hall and stage, the creation of a physiotherapy facility in the old school in au, the stop of the regional express in kups, and the municipal energy management with the conversion to LED, the networked local and community development KEK3, the planned museum in the upper castle/remise with the foundation of a sponsoring association, the village renewal inspections in theisenort and burkersdorf and the village renewal that has begun in oberlangenstadt, the renovation of the local thoroughfare in hain, the strengthening of the market system, and much more.

"Active citizen participation is especially important to us", the fraction spokeswoman emphasized. The new logo was developed with citizen participation, as were the new cemetery concepts. Thanks to the northeast bavaria initiative, brownfields such as the ruined fire in johannisthal have been actively eliminated, she reminded of a long-held wish from the population.

"However, many things are only possible because we, as a strong force in the market town council, can get the projects off the ground and lead them to success. I am proud of our well-balanced list and grateful for the strong team that is standing for election." According to them, the program should be discussed in working groups and then decided upon.

CSU chairman thorsten stalph was proud of the list, which took women and men into account as well as the local districts. Eight women and twelve men are represented on the list. "Experienced and new candidates compete for the trust of the burghers." The list covers many professions from trainees to doctors and opticians to engineers and the self-employed, he emphasized. The list is again headed by bernd rebhan.

At the election, the draft list prepared by the executive committees of the CSU local associations of kups, oberlangenstadt and johannisthal, the women’s union and the young union under the leadership of thorsten stalph received unanimous support.

With a rough majority of 25 votes and two abstentions the list was finally elected by the assembly with all valid votes. .

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