Gymnastics club has to pay more for the use of the hall

gymnastics club has to pay more for the use of the hall

The TV jahn muhlhausen wants to set up gymnastics equipment on the lutherhohe together with the municipality. As chairman georg geyer announced at the annual general meeting, the TV would contribute a low five-digit sum to the project, as it would benefit everyone and was in line with the association’s purpose of promoting sport.

In the future, the association will have to pay more for the use of the school gymnasium in muhlhausen, because instead of 7.50 euros per day, regardless of the number of hours, the school association now charges three euros per hour. Thanks to the support of mayor klaus faatz (CSU), the increase turned out to be more moderate than had been feared, with expenditures expected to be 50 to 60 percent higher than before.

In his review, geyer mentioned numerous events and reported that lisa stumpf has taken over the office of secretary from elke morgenroth. Geyer mentioned the awarding of the honorary badge of the minister president to hilde prols as a special high point.

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