Keira knightley speaks openly about childbirth

Keira Knightley speaks openly about childbirth

Actress keira knightley (33, "piracy of the caribbean") wants to bring up the subject of birth and its taboos more honestly in public.

In a just-published essay titled "the weaker sex," she openly recounts the unflattering aspects of the birth of her three-year-old daughter edie in may 2015: "i remember the slice, the vomit, the blood, the stabs. I remember my battlefield." And then knightley asks, "and I’m the weaker sex?"

The article, excerpts of which were published by the online portal "refinery29," appeared in an audiobook in which knightley and prominent colleagues such as emma watson and gemma arterton opine on feminist issues.

Knightley talks about the birth and her daughter: "my vagina is torn open". You came out with your eyes wide open. Arms torn in the air. Shouting. They laid you on top of me, covered with blood and fruit goo, your head unformed from the birth canal. Pulsating, gasping, screaming.". British woman also describes the initial pain of breastfeeding.

One day after the birth of knightley’s daughter, british duchess catherine gave birth to her second child, princess charlotte – and showed herself in public just a few hours later. This is what the actress remembers: "we get up and look at the TV. She has been discharged from the hospital seven hours later, her face is made up and her high heels are on. The face the world wants to see."

Addressing prince william’s wife, knightley adds: "look at it already. Look classy, don’t show your battlefield, kate. Seven hours after your struggle with life and death, seven hours after your body has broken open and bloody, screaming life has come forth. Do not show it. Do not say it. Stand there with your girl, surrounded by a pack of male photographers". The article was also reported in the guardian and several other media outlets.

Keira knightley has been married since 2013 to musician james righton, the father of her daughter edie. The family lives in london.

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