Ministry of health plans aid for dentists

Ministry of health plans aid for dentists

According to a media report, the federal ministry of health now wants to provide financial support for therapists and dentists in the corona crisis.

The reason for this is a collapse in the number of patients, the editorial network germany reported, citing a new ministry decree. The aid is expected to come into effect next week and will supplement already agreed support measures for hospitals and doctors in private practice. According to the report, the new aid amounts to around 730 million euros.

Meanwhile, german president frank-walter steinmeier plans to address the current situation in the corona pandemic in a televised speech on saturday. It is the first time that a federal president addresses a current event in this form. Normally he holds such speeches only every year at christmas. According to the federal prasidial office, the speech will be broadcast on ARD and ZDF following the main evening news broadcasts. Steinmeier had recently appealed several times in video messages for cohesion and patience in the face of the imposed restrictions.

In germany, by friday evening at least 116.607 infections registered with the new coronavirus. For many complaints, however, people in germany prefer to see doctors or therapists. "Many patients are currently understandably reluctant to seek medical help. Therapists and dentists are therefore losing revenue," federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) told the editorial network deutschland. Facilities for parent-child cures also needed support. "To maintain well-functioning structures, we will cushion losses and secure liquidity."

According to the report, it is planned, among other things, that so-called cure providers such as physiotherapists, logopaedics or occupational therapists will receive 40 percent of the remuneration from the fourth quarter of 2019 as a one-time subsidy. Dentists to receive 90 percent of last year’s pay despite sharp drop in patient numbers. At the end of the year, they get to keep 30 percent of the overpayment.

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