Pressig: former hotel is about to be demolished

Pressig: former hotel is about to be demolished

"The former railroad station hotel in pressig now falls victim to the pickaxe. The hotel, which was built around 1898, was a well-visited domicile for business travelers until the post-war period. It was built in the course of the railroad boom and due to its central location at the time on the transit route of the D-train between munich and berlin.

Local historian georg dinkel has recorded the eventful history of this former feudal domicile. According to this, in 1898, the merchant georg hempfling from pressig and the innkeeper johann zinner from fortschendorf were the builders and first owners of the house, which at that time was named the first hotel on the square. Rothenkirchen was also entered as the location, since the railroad station area in today’s pressig was on rothenkirchen land. In 1904, the owner changed for the first time. Hotelier heinrich roth from saalfeld purchased the building for 65,000 marks. 1909 the hotel went for 74.000 marks in the possession of heinrich leiner from fortschendorf. An entry in 1912 shows that it was a well-run hotel in the frankenwald forest. In the building there are two service rooms, ten rooms for foreigners with a total of 17 beds. Beer sales were around 700 hectoliters per year.

The hotel was acquired a few years ago by the neighboring company rauschert, which now wants to demolish the building and erect storage space on the same site. The company now also owns the train station building on the opposite side, which may be used for archival purposes. In both cases, however, a final use is not yet decided.

Mayor hans pietz regrets on the one hand that this traditional building will disappear from the town center, but on the other hand he thinks that rauschert will spare and renew the town center with a new building. After all, the mabnahme also serves to secure jobs.

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