Schoolchildren had the choice: respect or not

schoolchildren had the choice: respect or not

Insults among students or by teachers, mobbing messages on cell phones, food on the floor of the cafeteria, massively soiled school toilets – the school representatives at the school center in habfurt did not want to put up with all this for much longer. Therefore, the members of the school council (SMV) at the albrecht-durer-middle school, dr.-auguste-kirchner-realschule and regiomontanus-gymnasium to the joint "election for respect at their schools.

All three school councils pulled together in the same direction. "The participation was enormous", said moritz kneuer, school representative from class 10c at the dr.-auguste-kirchner-realschule. "The effort was not in vain", the 15 year old was happy. At his school, the election was prepared by the students themselves, even without the help of the guidance teachers. Otherwise, the project is supported by the SMV liaison teachers and "living room" (open all-day school). The latter organized the project "three days of respect" a few days ago at the school center in habfurt.

Together, the students of the three schools made an election commercial that was shown in all classes and that clearly named and pointed out the grievances at the school. Ballots were distributed in all grades, giving classmates a choice of two options: "respect or a little brown pile". The latter was symbolic of the negative and disrespectful behavior that can be observed in everyday school life. With the motto "don’t make a mess!" All students were asked to decide for respect every day anew.

Those who were able to give sufficient reasons for their choice were entered into a raffle with attractive prizes. The winners received their prizes, sponsored by the local business community and the parents’ associations of the three schools. Cr

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