Seehofer reaffirms opposition to police study

Seehofer reaffirms opposition to police study

Federal interior minister horst seehofer has reaffirmed his rejection of a study on racism within the police force. "I have no reason to assume that there is a structural problem with the federal police," he told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" newspaper.

"When i see the heated atmosphere in which police topics are currently being discussed, i would like to contribute to a return to objectivity. I have no suspicion, not the slightest evidence of structural bias within the police force." There are individual cases, as in other areas too. "But we should be careful not to extrapolate from this to the entire organization with 50.To retain 000 employees."

Lower saxony’s interior minister boris pistorius (SPD) had announced that he wanted to organize a study on policing and racism in the context of several federal states. Seehofer had previously rejected such a study at the federal level. After his announcement on friday, pistorius received mixed feedback from his department colleagues from the other federal states. While SPD interior ministers were supportive, reactions from CDU/CSU colleagues were muted.

Seehofer told the newspaper: "the police have been heavily criticized for weeks and I wanted us to come back to a factual discussion. We need a picture of the situation regarding extremism, anti-semitism and racism in the public service. We will start with the security services and then, in a second step, assess the entire public service with a situation picture."

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