The kronach health day attracts with a lot of information

the kronach health day attracts with a lot of information

The kronach health day has established itself. On sunday, 18. March, it is now taking place for the tenth time in the schutzenhaus. The ideas were once conceived by harald lappe and silke wolf-mertensmeyer, who are still in charge of the organization today. We have talked with the two.

FT: health day for the tenth time, what does that mean for you??
Harald lappe: that's quite a feat. We are a little proud that we were able to help shape the event over this long period of time and that we were allowed to do so.
Silke wolf-mertensmeyer: for me, this means that the people in the district have accepted the information on the health topics on offer. And that there is definitely interest.

How do you feel about this year's event??
Lappe: we hope that this health day will live up to the expectations of the visitors.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: i look forward to introducing visitors to our medical and non-medical facilities, various counseling centers, and sports facilities.

Nine years ago, would you have thought that the health day would become so established??
Lappe: at least we hoped for it. Now, of course, we are pleased that the health day is a fixed date in the calendar of events of the district.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: yes. This is shown by the interest of the visitors, the requests of the exhibitors to participate, the feedback of all participants and the inquiries well in advance.

What was the reason for launching the kronach health day??
Lappe: nine years ago there was already a great deal of interest in health issues on the part of the population. The event makes it possible for people to communicate directly with doctors and health care providers and to get advice. In addition, there will be a lot of informative lectures, which will be held by top-class speakers.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: my personal motivation has always been to present our medical and health care facilities to the people of our county. It is not always necessary to travel long distances to attend the event.

What has changed since the first health day – apart from the fact that the organ team has been reduced from four to two??
Lappe: well, the work hasn't exactly gotten easier. Many things are now more protracted. But we are glad that the participants pull together and are committed to work together. We are also pleased that ten exhibitors have been with us from the beginning and without interruption.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the exhibitors and speakers for their active involvement, which contributes to the success of the kronach health day every year.

A health day every year. Doesn't that make it more difficult to find a topic?
Lappe: no, the danger really does not exist. On the contrary, we have problems to serve all topics. There are always new developments in the health care sector.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: i'm sure we're still a long way from having covered all the health issues. One day is too short and the exhibition space is also too small.

What are the challenges of organizing the health day??
Lappe: we have to invest a lot of time and things don't always go smoothly. But one must not forget: all those involved are working voluntarily with the aim of informing the population.
Wolf-mertensmeyer: the challenge lies in the tension before health day! It is wonderful to talk in advance, to look for topics or to think about which charity event we are going to set up. Yes, even the question of "what will the weather be like??" We are concerned with.

And what is the beauty of the health day?
Lappe: satisfied faces …
Wolf-mertensmeyer: the many visitors and the many speech. When I sit there at the end of the day with aching feet and still say: it was worth it.

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