The people of rugendorf have to pay more for waste water

The people of rugendorf have to pay more for waste water

In its last meeting of the year, the council decided on monday evening to increase the sewerage fee, to prepare the move of the meeting room to the youth center and to approve purchases for the fire department.

Wastewater charges in the main town and losau will increase by 1.15 euros per cubic meter from 1. January to then 3.18 euros. The accounts for the past four years showed a shortfall of about 175000 euro, with an average water consumption of about 37 500 cubic meters per year. Unforeseeable costs were incurred for the disposal of clear sludge (100,000 euros), due to the departure of one employee and the training of another, as well as the replacement of pumps and pipes. The new fees are initially valid until 2023. The water price remains unchanged for the time being.

Already at the end of 2017, the municipal council had decided in principle to make its current meeting room in the town hall below the municipal office and the wedding room available to the fire department in the future as a training and recreation room. Until now, this project was postponed, but now the fire department has asked to implement the plan in a timely manner.

Modifications are necessary

In the future, the municipal council will meet in the so-called firemen’s room in the youth center. Necessary modifications, especially of the lighting, will be decided by the municipal council at a local meeting. The lock system in the town hall will also have to be changed, so that the firemen’s access to their rooms will be separated from the access to the town office. The council will decide on the cost estimates for the changes in january.

The council has already approved the replacement of pressure hoses for the fire department a month ago. In the meantime, the aid has been procured and, according to a message from the deputy commander franz schnaubelt, has been positively evaluated after testing. Therefore, the council has now also approved the remaining procurement for 4558.53 euros from the company raschel in memmingen. The council also approved the purchase of a hollow jet pipe with two spare holders for the use of a special extinguishing agent ("F-500") for 858.97 euros. According to schnaubelt, the F-500 is used to rescue cars from fires.

Until now, the municipality has paid 6000 euros per year for the costs of a pre-intern in the kindergarten. According to information from the evangelical church community office in kulmbach, a professional trainee is now employed. On request of the church for a subsidy from the municipality for the new personnel costs (22 909, 23 euros), the council decided to continue to offer 6000 euros. A final decision will be made only in january.

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