With claudio putz goes a universally popular principal

In pommersfelden, the community, students, parents and staff bid farewell to the universally appreciated and beloved principal claudio putz. At the farewell party, the float groups and many other children gave their best with their various instruments and delighted the audience.

In his speech of thanks, mayor hans beck praised the good cooperation with the school and, not least, with the school principal. Claudio putz came to pommersfelden and sambach as principal six years ago. He found a freshly renovated school building that was equipped with all the technical refinements.

For the staff, dagmar lamprecht found words of thanks, but also a melancholy tone, because claudio putz left behind a big hole. He has been a patient and helpful boss to all teachers. The colleagues presented a filled backpack as a farewell gift. School board member zeis took up the accordion to bid farewell to putz in tango rhythm and with a song he had written himself.

One of the highlights was a sketch in which a third-grade pupil skilfully mimed the principal and presented his endearing idiosyncrasies to the audience together with some of his fellow pupils. The college said goodbye with an interpretation of the poem by the erlkonig. In their verses, the colleagues humorously warned of the unknown that would surely lurk for putz as the future principal in stegaurach. To the chagrin of the entire pommersfelden school community, however, he is – despite urgent warnings – the "stegaurach temptation" succumbed

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