Woman stole neck steaks

Why the woman in her mid-forties from lichtenfels stole pork neck steaks, she herself could not explain in court. But the fact is that it was repeatedly on trial for theft. "Unreasonable" prosecutor anna saam was to call the defendant 'intransigent' for her behavior over the years.

She was not affected by the house ban

The woman was banned from the lichtenfels supermarket. Nevertheless, she entered it on 15. September this year, and around 13.52 o'clock she wanted to leave him without payment with pork neck steaks worth 8.08 euros. "You already know that you have to give information", judge matthias huber addressed the woman, alluding to her repeated appearances in court. "It was a knee-jerk reaction", said the woman, who did not appear to be in good physical condition. And further she explained: "my friend did not give me any money – we are just short of money at the moment." Then the woman described from her memory his reaction to the event. "My friend called me and said that the police had come to his house. Then he said: 'tell me, did you build a shib??'"

Theft, theft, theft, violation of the narcotics law, then theft again, theft again and so on. Of her total of twelve entries in the federal central register, eight were for theft. Whether this had anything to do with procurement crime was not discussed. However, the woman had a past life that you can see her. "I used crystal for ten years", she declared. Since she was confessed from the beginning, no further witnesses were necessary for this trial. So it came also fast to the pladoyer of prosecutor anna saam. Saam said that the steaks were of little value, but it was also another theft. "They were convicted (for theft) only one month before", so saam under head shake. Precisely because of intransigence, she demanded a four-month prison sentence without probation. Because: "the only time they were not delinquent was the time they were locked away." Also judge matthias huber saw it similarly with the prison sentence. "I don't think that a custodial sentence will make any difference to you either, but there is no way around it…), and the past has shown that they do not endure preservation." He sentenced the woman to three months imprisonment and was at a loss as to her motivation at the time. "Why they have done this, I do not understand."

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