A trio of candidates competes in kemmern

A trio of candidates competes in kemmern

Rudiger gerst has been head of the town council in kemmern for 18 years. And the CSU politician wanted to hang on for at least another six years. In the election on 15. In march, however, he has to face two challengers at once: anne schmitt is running for mayor of kemmern on behalf of the grunen, who are running for the first time in kemmern, and jochen gottwald is running for the electoral grouping zukunft fur kemmern (zfk), which changed its name in the 2014 municipal elections. Gerst, who was the sole candidate in his first re-election in 2008, then clearly prevailed against the zfk candidate in 2014. And now against two?

The incumbent cites the "full-length protection of the railroad expansion" as the greatest success of the past election period for himself and his campaigners at. "Here I have prevailed against many resistances for my community", he says. After "the most intensive negotiations up to berlin" the construction of the new highway bridge will also massively reduce traffic noise. In addition, in the context of the ICE plans, an "efficient economic road bridge" is needed achieved as a replacement for the railroad crossing.

Need for action exists

The challengers, on the other hand, maintain that there is still a need for action in many areas. And above all, they demand better citizen participation.

"In the next few years, I want to address the justified demands for more active citizen participation and more climate protection in local politics, announces schmitt. "With more than 15 years of professional experience in sustainable regional development and as a woman, I stand for a new style of politics that searches for solutions together".

"Politics ‘from above’ is no longer a contemporary style of politics", gottwald complains. "I would like to be a mayor for all citizens. Someone who cares and drives, who develops ideas and concepts and coordinates them with the citizens at an early stage." The most urgent issue is the local supply system. "In the last few years, the market has been closed, the bakery is only open half days, the butcher only on weekends, the flower store is closing down. Nothing was done to counteract this development".

But what specific issues do the candidates want to tackle – and how?? "In kemmern, there is a desire among the population for a care service for senior citizens in the community. Many would like to be able to spend their twilight years in kemmern", gerst notes. In the area of childcare, too, the increasing demand must be taken into account. "We will achieve this within the framework of a multigenerational project that, in addition to assisted living and outpatient care, will also include an additional daycare center for children. Together with the catholic church foundation, we will modernize the existing daycare center by means of a general refurbishment."

When it comes to seniors, gottwald sees the baby almost falling into the well (see interview). He sees a need for action "starting with the long overdue modernization and renovation of the existing kindergarten, through the inadequate bus connection, to the lack of attractiveness of the playgrounds". And with the bettelweg development area: it must be developed "carefully and deliberately, but not in a rash manner". Therefore, it should be examined with experts from the field of village development, which adjustments or changes to the development plan are necessary and possible.

Gerst notes that an efficient development contractor has now been commissioned to carry out preliminary studies. "This path must be pursued in a targeted manner."

Climate protection and mobility

Beyond these topics, schmitt sees other areas in which the community must become active. "I consider it particularly important that the municipal council should take climate protection and resource conservation into account in all its future decisions." Specifically, as mayor, she wants to "improve the paths for cyclists in the short term, so that cycling is safe and easy". Schmitt also plans to actively participate in the mobility concept of the bamberg district "so that school bus and bus connections become more attractive. At the moment, unfortunately, the rule in kemmern is: only those who have to, take the bus."

In addition, schmitt wants to work together with the owners to "shape the inner development so that families, but also older and younger singles and couples, can create suitable living space for themselves".

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