Dbb team wants to avoid next disaster against jordan

At the world championships in china, the german basketball team embarks on its mission of minimizing losses.

After the disgraceful failure in the preliminary round, the team of national coach henrik rodl wants to secure at least the participation in a qualifying tournament for the 2020 olympic games in tokyo. The first step is to be taken with a win against the also still winless aubenseiter jordan on thursday (10.30 a.M./magentasport) in shenzhen will succeed.

OUTLOOK: the world championship has already been an absolute failure for the german team, now the premature olympic exit as the next sporting disaster is to be avoided at all costs. After the end of the first group stage, the team will play against canada and senegal in the placement round on saturday and monday in shanghai. The exact schedule is still open.

With three wins in the last three world cup games, the jump to one of four quality tournaments would be perfect. If another game is lost, it depends on other results so far whether it will still be enough. In the summer of 2020, there will be four tournaments, each with six teams, and the winners will go on to the olympics. The german basketball federation is not expected to bid for the role of host of a tournament, as the head of the federation ingo weiss announced.

The conclusion to the victory: jordan should normally not be a hurdle for the german team – but already against the dominican republic it went wrong with this attitude. The world number 49. Owns in the eingeburgerten US guard dar tucker and center ahmad al dwairi especially two pruners. The german game has so far lacked one hundred percent willpower, offensive creativity and defense under their own basket. It will be important, among other things, for point guard dennis schroder to involve more players than just NBA pro daniel theis in the attack.

BALANCE: so far there has been a duel with jordan – even in the last preliminary round match at a world championship. Nine years ago in turkey, the german team was also eliminated early after losing to argentina, australia and angola. Under the then national coach dirk bauermann, a 91-73 victory was achieved.

QUOTE: "everyone in the organization knows we need to win the next three games. They are all professionals in our team, and they know how important it is to. I don't have to go to everyone and say: guys, tighten up, we have to win the games."

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