North korea threatens military strikes against u.s. Army bases

north korea threatens military strikes against u.s. army bases

The people’s army high command on thursday again accused the u.S. Of preparing for nuclear war through its joint military maneuvers with sudkorean units.

The U.S. Should not forget "that the anderson air base on guam, where B-52 bombers take off.", as well as naval bases in japan are within range of precision strikes by north korea, a command spokesman was quoted as saying by state media. The pacific island of guam is a u.S. Aur territory.

The situation on the korean peninsula has been extremely tense since the north korean nuclear test in february. North korea had declared that it would no longer recognize the 1953 armistice treaty ending the korean war, in light of the tightening of U.N. Sanctions and military maneuvers in south korea.

In north korea, according to media reports, an air alert was sounded on thursday as part of military operations. The people’s army is in the midst of training exercises. This was reported by state radio, said a spokeswoman for the unification ministry in seoul.

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