Searches and labor service

searches and labor service

The capture of the city of herzogenaurach by the americans was relatively unscathed, apart from the destruction of heinrichsmuhle and galgenhof. On wednesday, 18. April 1945, again all manner from 16 to 65 years had to line up at the market place. An officer "puffed up them from the city hall. Two jeeps with heavy machine guns were parked at the side of the field. The men were put to work, some of them in the fields with the farmers, others cleaning the ditches.

It was also announced that the americans had lost two bicycles. Mayor valentin frohlich had the not easy task of retrieving the wheels. Rumor had it that the thieves of the rader were to be shot.

However, a contemporary witness suspected that the culprits were not germans, she noted at the time: "everyone said that it was supposed to be poles, because the poles have now become insolent, they are said to have already taken the bikes off various women, the poles and frenchmen no longer need to work, u. They had to get their food from the farmers. They want to go home with the bikes." In spite of all the acts of war there were also human gestures. So the americans drove mrs. Breun from galgenhof to the clinic in erlangen to give birth.

Fearing the threat of house searches, two of the police officers "disposed" of the vehicle many herzogenaurachers lost the evidence of the past twelve years such as steel helmet, belt, badges, identity cards, etc. The aurach near the former weiler company was popular for this operation because it was particularly low there. The houses were searched one by one. In the case of the dassler family, there were three soldiers. Two secured, one combed through the house. When he found an english lexicon in ernst dassler's room, this led to a first contact, which later led to an employment at the herzo base.

Also on 19. April the manner had to report again at the market place, where burgermeister frohlich assigned them to work. As the people of herzogenaurach could also see, the american planes flew very low over the city. The troop movements with vehicles of all kinds continued day and night.

In this context, the writer noted: "they have female bread, beautiful coarse apples, and are firm coarse soldiers, also many cars drive by." At 1 a.M., an american knocked on the door of a woman from herzogenaurach and asked her where the road to dondorflein would take her. The resident was naturally very frightened, the american apologized and assured her that she had nothing to fear and even shook her hand as she was leaving.

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