Spd stands united behind norbert tessmer

Spd stands united behind norbert tessmer

At the federal electoral district conference, norbert tessmer, the second mayor of the city of coburg, received 97 votes and thus achieved a result of 100 percent. There were no no votes and no abstentions. Thunderous applause erupted when chairman thomas nowak announced the election results. "It blows me away, it's gigantic! I have never experienced anything like this! This result will give me strength!", tessmer was overwhelmed.

Right from the start, there was a mood of optimism among the guests in the nearly full hall. During his speech, tessmer was repeatedly interrupted by applause. He himself was modest: "it would be self-deception and too much of a mouthful to claim that we are currently in a comfortable starting position!" But there is no time for lamenting the past and lamenting how bad the world is, but the energy must be used for a good result. He wants things to be fairer and more social, and that is what he will fight for!"

Temperament and passion were evident in his voice. Tessmer spoke, among other things, of broken educational biographies that need to be eliminated, of the fight against temporary work, of poverty among the elderly. "I don't want anyone to have to seek shelter in a homeless hostel anymore, and i don't want anyone to have to rummage for food in garbage cans!"

Goals pointed out
The social issues of the 21st century. He described the challenges of the 21st century, namely shaping demographic change and preserving the environment, as the most important tasks. According to tessmer, he will fight for his goals. He also wants to make it clear to people that the SPD can move the country forward.

If he wins, he will work for the interests of the people of the franconian forest and the coburg region. Education will also be a focus of his work. In both counties, there are currently 215 young people who do not have an apprenticeship contract. Their path to poverty is preordained. Efforts must be made to ensure that all young people are taught the basics of an apprenticeship and that young people in vocational schools are taught exclusively in classes for skilled workers.

Tessmer has been in local politics since 1984. He sees his political experience as a good basis for the SPD to win back the constituency. As germany's oldest party, the SPD owes this to those who went before it and to the citizens of burgers. He recalled josef seelmann and his comrade-in-arms, in whose era the then constituency of kronach-lichtenfels received the award as "one of the best-organized social democratic constituencies had received. For him, it would be worthwhile to resume work in this core social democratic area.

He also knows his way around the frankenwald
The SPD candidate also spoke about his relationship to the frankenwald. He does not need a navigation device to find all the places. In his early career, he got to know the district by fub, by helicopter and in a patrol car. His horizon will not end at the city and county limits of coburg.

Tessmer gave a different speech in langenau than in weidhausen. "I have disposed of my documents!", he noted. However, he confessed, he took another look at the reporting. A well-meaning person had written that he had probably brought up the wrong topics at the time. He has thought about this. "I'm willing to learn, not resistant to advice – but I won't let myself be bent out of shape!", was his answer. And he will by no means remain aloof from the reality of life.

Tessmer thinks visions are necessary, but "the circumstances should fit, and the visions must reach the people. Before investing unnecessary sums of money in objects and buildings, the money should be used for schools and care facilities, as well as for the early education of children. "There are enough schools and kindergartens into which it rains!"

He criticized the federal government for not providing the funds for the "social city" program in short. Social projects in the coburg district of wustenahorn and in neustadt also fell victim to the red pencil.
His statements made it clear: tessmer has goals, he is ready for battle. But he has no doubt that he needs the support of his party. He also promised to run a fair election campaign. "I am not a fan of rhetorical rabble-rousing, nor do I like political riots."

In the "reddest community
The second mayor of the market town of tettau, dietmar schmidt, was pleased that the federal electoral district conference "in the far north and in the 'reddest' community in bavaria" was carried out. He sees the location as a good omen for the SPD and for norbert tessmer.

District administrator oswald marr saw in tessmer a strong SPD member of parliament for berlin.

The SPD district chairman from kronach, ralf pohl, introduced the bundestag candidate at the beginning of his speech. Tessmer is doing an excellent job in coburg as the second mayor and as the culture and social officer of the city of coburg. He is active in various specialist committees throughout germany. He also shows great commitment to voluntary work, for example as chairman of the foundation council for children with cancer. Tessmer will be an asset to the bundestag, pohl was convinced. And with him the goal is achievable: namely the direct mandate in the next federal election. The musical accompaniment was provided by the tettau music band.

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